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by Rob   on February 12, 2009
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analytics app1 100x150 App Review: Analytics App by Inblosam LLCIt is rare when an app comes along that is a must have; a keeper for me. Since we review a lot of apps, we are constantly installing and uninstalling them, trashing pretty much everything we download and keeping only those crucial/keeper apps on our devices.  Enter Analytics App by Inblosam LLC.

Analytics App makes using Google Analytics a breeze. This app allows you to access all of the data on all of your websites wherever you are.  Simply log into your Analytics account and you are immediately presented with a list of all of the websites that you track using Google Analytics.  Then, tap on the name of the website that you want to see data on.  You then land on a long menu containing just about every type of report that you could want.  The reports are divided into categories of Overview, Visitor, Traffic, Content, and Event Tracking Reports.  Tapping on any one of the reports listed, brings it up in an easy to read format on your device complete with charts that you can flip through and statistics.  Want to see the stats for a different date range?  Simply tap on the “Date” button in the corner and select your new date range.  If you have multiple Analytics accounts you can even switch between accounts by tapping on the settings button and entering in different login information.  This app has a clean design and interface that I thought made it easier and more straight-forward to use than the Analytics website itself.

analytics app2 200x300 App Review: Analytics App by Inblosam LLCchart switching copy 208x300 App Review: Analytics App by Inblosam LLCanalytics app6 200x300 App Review: Analytics App by Inblosam LLC

There is a lot of information presented through the app.  It is very complete and hence a worth while purchase.  If you’re like us you like to keep “in touch” with your websites and this app enables that obsession.  The one problem that I identified, and that others have seen as well, is that it has a bad habit of crashing.  However, that seemed to happen mostly when I was tapping on lots of different things quickly and did not happen so frequently that it prohibited me from using the app.   The developer’s iTunes notes indicate that a fix is already in the approval queue with Apple.  Also, at $5.99 we felt the app to be a little overpriced, but probably not an issue for those that need it.

Analytics App is $5.99 in the iTunes App Store.

One last thing…

This review wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t mention the other Analytics apps as well.  Rounding out the review there is Analytics Pro by Zip Zang Done. This app has 19 reports viewable via their interface.  Pretty much everything you could want.  However, the feel of the app is more of a document/pdf viewer than it is a native app.  The app feels and appears to be an interface to a pdf document created on the fly and downloaded to the phone.  This is likely done in order to save download times and bandwidth, but this interface felt cheap and un-app like.  They have a lite (free) version that you can try out before you spend the 4.00 if you want to see what I mean.

The other app for Google Analytics is called myAnalytics by Felix Lam0uroux.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get to spend any time with this app before we posted this review.  So, we can’t comment on it.  However, if you use it or have any insights on it, leave us a comment below.  If enough people find it worthwhile, then we’ll circle back and give it a good look.


4 Responses to “App Review: Analytics App by Inblosam LLC”
  1. Thanks for the great review! I definitely agree, the app interface is much more enjoyable than the regular one! I’ve found it so handy for lunch meetings and just when I have a spare minute. We have more reports and features that we are working on too, it’s just going to get better!

  2. Robin says:

    This app is not working. Everytime i try to login to my Google Analytics account it says Unable to Login – Bad username or password.

    I tried everything the developer’s suggest in their site. IT’S NOT WORKING!

  3. If you want the fastest Analytics app with over 60 reports (more than double Analytics App), the ability to run date comparisons, support for multiple accounts, reports results limit customizable (options to receive 50, 100, 200 or all results – Analytics App ONLY gets top 100), Bar Charts and format of reports identical Google Analytics and much more, then check out this Analytics app

  4. One says:

    This apps no work
    bad username or password


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