App Review: Days of Thunder by Freeverse, Inc. [Video]

by Rob   on February 5, 2009
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I have always been a fan of racing games so being a fan of Days of Thunder for the iPhone was easy.  If you like to race, this game is a fun one to add to your collection.  The game is pretty straight forward and the controls are quite simple, although they took a little getting used to.  You steer your car by tilting the iPhone and control your speed by touching the brake and gas pedals on the lower left and right corners of the screen.  You have indicators at the top of the screen for your current placement in the race, the lap that you are on and your “health.”  Each time you crash into another car, your health goes down.  So does the health of the other car, though.  As you approach each car their health indicator appears so that you can tell how much more damage they can take.  If you crash your opponent enough times, you can cause his car to explode.  One less person to race against, right?

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You can also beat your opponents by drafting off the cars ahead of you.  As you pull up behind another car, a bar on the right side of the screen begins growing.  Stay behind him long enough and it will start flashing a hammer.  This is your chance to drop the hammer, which makes your car invincible as it races ahead of the other cars.  This is by far the easiest way to pass other cars.  They take EVERY chance they get to inflict damage on you.  Drafting can be difficult, though.  You must keep pace with the car ahead of you for a few seconds without bumping or getting bumped hard enough to knock you too far away.

Once each lap, you have the opportunity to pit.  A button will pop on the left side of the screen just as you reach the pits.  A stop in the pits will refill your health and must be done before your health gets too low and you explode.  However, it will cost you time.  While you wait for your health to refill, you can watch your standings in the race diminish with each car that passes you.

As you perform well in races, different tracks, circuits, and cars are unlocked to your use.  The tracks and circuits get more and more difficult.  There are also achievements to earn as you progress through the game.  You can play a few quick races here or there or spend hours trying to unlock all of the possibilities.  Either way, it is good entertainment.  The graphics are good, the sound effects are fun, the music keeps you going and overall this app is great.

Days of Thunder was released in the iTunes App Store Feb. 5th for $0.99.  After the first 72 hours the price will increase to $4.99.

[update: we've created a video!  Check it out below...]

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