App Review: Enigmo by Pangea Software Inc.

by Jeff   on February 16, 2009
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photo 1 100x150 App Review: Enigmo by Pangea Software Inc.Enigmo is a 3D puzzle game brought to the iPhone/iPod Touch by Pangea Software, Inc.  Enigmo has fifty levels that get progressively harder as you complete them. The goal of the game is to get forty drops of H2O (blue), Fire (red), or Oil (green) into their proper containers using a pre-set number of the items available. As the levels get harder, the number of colored liquids you have to deal with increases too.  After completing each level, you receive points to reward you for completing the level.  To receive extra points, you must complete the level within the bonus time. The faster you complete the level, the more bonus points you get.

The levels are made up of various walls and borders. There are three types of walls. The first wall is a basic barrier that holds out drops.  The second is a jagged wall that causes the drops to bounce in various directions.  The last wall type is a sponge that absorbs the drops.  Several of the levels contain force fields that the drops cannot pass through. The only way to disable these force fields is to send the drops through designated rings. At the beginning of each level, only one type of barrel is releasing drops; the water drops. To initiate the other drops of Fire and/or Oil, the player must use the Water to hit buttons designed for each color on their way to the containers.

photo 200x300 App Review: Enigmo by Pangea Software 1 200x300 App Review: Enigmo by Pangea Software Inc.

There are eight different tools on Enigmo that you can use to get the droplets to their destination. Three of these tools are bouncers, which are weak, medium strength, and strong.  The next two tools down on the tool bar are plates (large and small).  The drops slide down the plate and fall off the edge. Another tool is a gun. The gun increases the drops’ speed, making them go faster and farther than before. The sponge is a very useful tool. The sponge absorbs all the drops that fall on it and releases them directly underneath the sponge is a single vertical line. The last tool is a triangle. This tool is used for deflecting two colors of dots in opposite directions.

The controls on Enigmo are very simple to figure out and get used to.  In order to get a tool off of the tool bar, you only need to drag it. If you would like to get a closer look, you can zoom in; and if you want to see the whole picture, zoom out by pinching the screen.  Tools can be rotated three hundred and sixty degrees by tapping on them, grabbing the circle that appears, and then rotating the circle the desired amount. Double tapping a tool, returns it to the tool bar.

There is also a feature on this game where you can play levels that other people have created. All you have to do is go into the download category and choose the one you would like to play. The save feature on this game makes it easy to start where you left off or begin another game. You can save up to eight different games at a time.  Enigmo lots of fun to play.  It takes little playing around with to figure out the tools, as there is little explanation offered by the game.  Once you figure them out though, the controls are fairly easy to use.  The puzzles, however, still offer a difficult challenge for anyone to play.

Enigmo is on sale in the iTunes App Store for $0.99.


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