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by Jeff   on February 27, 2009
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Heavy Mach is a strategy game with various weapons and multiple challenges. The goal of the game is to safely guide your tank through different missions consisting of multiple stages and destroy the enemy. There are 30 stages and six missions to complete.  Each one gets progressively harder. Every mission takes place in a different setting, such as a jungle or a futuristic city. There are also multiple types of weapons including, bombs, bullets, and missiles. Each type of bullet has a limited number of rounds. By destroying certain enemies, you can gain health and more rounds for some of the types of bullets. There are several enemies including planes, tanks, and cannons. Every so often there is a larger tank or plane that is much harder to defeat.

The controls to this game are simple. To shoot a target, simply press in the direction of that target. To move left or right, tilt the device. To make your tank jump, press the jump button in the bottom left of the screen. Every so often your tank will need to jump a little higher than normal.  In this case, press the jump button twice to give your tank a second boost.

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To make winning the game a little easier, you can upgrade your tank. You can upgrade the movement, defense, and attack of your tank. To earn an upgrade, you must gain experience points by defeating the enemy. If you are killed by an enemy during the level or fall off any cliffs, you fail the mission. Heavy Mach also gives you the ability to save up to three game profiles at a time. You can select which profile you want on the second menu screen. On this menu screen you can view how many experience points you have and what level you are on.  This game offers a unique challenge and is very fun.

Heavy Mach is available in the iTunes App Store for $0.99.  There is also a free version.

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