App Review: Line Rider by inXile Entertainment

by Jeff   on February 14, 2009
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Line Rider is a very popular game that was released first on the computer as a free game. This brilliant game idea has finally made its way to the iPhone/iPod Touch. The iPhone version is an improvement from the original computer version.  It has enhanced processing, smoother game play, and advanced controls that take advantage of the iPhone’s accelerometer.

Line Rider is a unique game in the sense that rather than try and complete a pre-designed level, you create the levels yourself.  In this game, a sledder named “Bosh” travels across unique tracks that you design. Once you get a hang of the tools, the track possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

You make a track for Bosh by drawing different colored lines on the screen.  There are three types of lines you can draw (red, blue, and green).   On a red line, Bosh speeds up or slows down.  On a blue line Bosh travels using only the momentum he already has.  It does not change his speed.  A green line, Bosh will pass right through.  When you play your track and send Bosh down it, the green lines appear the same color as the other tracks, but they will not affect him.

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There are many other tools on the Line Rider app.  One really useful tool is the flag.  Line Rider tracks can be quite lengthy.  Each time you adjust your track, it is a pain to have to watch it all over again from the beginning just to see if your change works.  You can place the flag wherever your choose on your track.  Then, when you press the play button, Bosh will start from the point where the flag is placed, retaining his previous speed.   Other tools include an eraser, an undo button, and tools to draw straight or curved lines.

One of the most useful features of this app is the save feature. This feature allows you to save multiple tracks at the same time on a very nice interface.  You can also upload your tracks into a database where people can view and rate your track. Furthermore, you can view and rate other people’s tracks and search to see the tracks your friends’ have created.  The developers have also added some very entertaining play options.  One being Gravity Tilt, which makes the game more interactive and engaging.  You can tilt your iPhone and change the direction that gravity is pulling Bosh.  A second cool feature is called Night Ride, which turns the background of the screen from white to black, allowing you to play in the dark without hurting your eyes.

Whether you are looking to kill five minutes or an hour, Line Rider will keep you amused and absorbed the whole time.

Line Rider is $2.99 in the iTunes App Store.

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