App Review: Monkey Jewels by Pocketfun/Neil Balharrie

by Rob   on February 12, 2009
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monkey jewels5 100x150 App Review: Monkey Jewels by Pocketfun/Neil BalharrieI am not quite sure how or why this app got the name that it did other that that monkeys seem to be popular among iTunes apps.  Monkey Jewels is a fun and addicting game, though.  It is not difficult to pick up on, but as the difficulty increases from one level to the next, the game does become a challenge.  The premise of the game is very similar to Bejeweled.  However, the goal is achieved in a different way.  The “jewels” on the screen are all hexagons.  You must try to get 3 or more hexagons of the same color in a group (forming a triangle) to remove them from the screen.  The more hexagons in the group, the more points you get.  When jewels are removed, they are replaced by others.  To get the jewels of the same color to line up you slide one line of jewels horizontally or vertically past the others until the same color jewels match up.  You do this by placing your finger on the line you wish to move and dragging it.  When the same colored jewels are lined up they start flashing, and when you pick up your finger, they pop and disappear.

monkey jewels3 200x300 App Review: Monkey Jewels by Pocketfun/Neil Balharriemonkey jewels6 200x300 App Review: Monkey Jewels by Pocketfun/Neil Balharrie

The hard part of this game is that each level has a quota that you must fill and a timer.  The quota tells you how many clusters of each color you must remove before you advance to the next level.  It would not be hard to meet these quotas if you had an unlimited amount of time, but you don’t.  The timer is always going.  Each time you remove a grouping of jewels a little bit of time is added to the timer, but it is hard to keep up.  Especially as you advance to harder levels and there are more colors on the board.  If you need to pause the game, there is a pause button at the bottom of the screen.  Don’t think that you can pause it and look for your next move though.  As soon as you press the pause button, the screen flips over to hide the jewels.  You can even exit out of the app and it will remember right where you left off.  It even puts a number one on the icon on your screen to let you know that there is one game in progress (nice).  At the end of each game, the app gives you your score and your ranking.  That gives you a goal to beat for next time.

This game is fun and easy to play.  I enjoyed trying to beat the timer and my own top scores.  Having a timer on each level was a fun twist that kept the games from dragging on and on.  Overall, a fun game for everyone, but maybe a little pricey.

Monkey Jewels is $2.99 in the iTunes App Store.


4 Responses to “App Review: Monkey Jewels by Pocketfun/Neil Balharrie”
  1. admin says:

    From the Author:
    Our first game for the iPhone and iPod Touch and our best yet. Sure to become a new classic just like our previous game PocketPop which shipped over 250,000 copies for Pocket PCs and won several awards.
    Monkey Jewels is a fun and challenging game and is sure to keep puzzle fanatics and fans of Bejeweled entertained for hours. Race against the clock to match three or more jewels into clusters to meet the quota for the level by dragging the jewels around the board.
    As you progress through the levels the clock will get faster, which in turn means you will need to match jewels at a faster rate in order to keep going. However the more jewels you match the more time you will earn back and the bigger the score you can achieve.
    In order to advance to the next level and boost the score multiplier you have to meet the jewel quota at the top of the screen making sure you keep matching jewels so that the playing time keeps being extended. Creating chains of clusters will result in even higher scores and boost the score multiplier, with larger clusters and chains giving you even more time.

    Neil Balharrie

  2. pocketfun says:

    Monkey Jewels is now at version 1.2 which includes some more sound and graphical effects, along with some tweaks to the high score table.

    The price is also $1.99

    Have fun


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