App Review: Pocket God by Bolt Creative Inc.

by Jeff   on February 28, 2009
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photo 29 150x100 App Review: Pocket God by Bolt Creative Inc.Have you ever wished to rule your own world? Pocket God by Bolt Creative gives you your own world that you are free to alter and play around with. There is no ultimate goal in this game, however, it is very entertaining. You start out by placing up to six islanders on your island at a time. That is when the fun begins.

You can do a large variety of things with the islanders. As you begin, there is a volcano in the distance. To throw the islanders into the volcano, touch below them and flick towards the volcano. Once you get three islanders into the volcano, it will erupt and cause the islanders to catch on fire. You can also choose to put them into the water. You can pick up the islanders by touching them and lifting them up. You can spin them around in circles just for fun. Another great feature is the shark. The shark can be dropped onto the islanders’ heads, and you can hold the islanders out above water and watch the shark jump for them. By tapping a steady beat in the sky, you can make all the islanders dance. Tilting your iPhone, you can change the direction of gravity and make them fall off the island. If you tilt your iphone completely upside down, it will cause the islanders to hold on for their lives. Shaking your iPhone will cause an earthquake.

photo 27 300x200 App Review: Pocket God by Bolt Creative 25 300x200 App Review: Pocket God by Bolt Creative Inc.

You can feed the islanders by taking a coconut off the tree, breaking it in half on their heads, and letting them eat it. There is also a boulder on the island that you can use to trap islanders under, or knock them into the water. The weather can be changed by flicking your finger from side to side on the horizon. You can make it clear, cloudy, or stormy. When it is stormy you can shock the islanders by drawing your desired path of lightning. The time of day and night can be changed by dragging the sun or moon to any height in the sky. At night the islanders will fall asleep if you let them.

This app has a very natural interface and a tutorial to teach you all you need to know about it. Overall, it is quite well done. Updates are frequently being added, giving you new, fun features to work with each week.  This app is great for amusement and laughter.

Pocket God is available in the iTunes App Store for $0.99.


3 Responses to “App Review: Pocket God by Bolt Creative Inc.”
  1. holas says:

    que mal juego!

  2. LadyLaLa says:

    This App is fun for all of ten seconds. It looks cute. It seems like it might be fun, especially if you’re drunk. But this all last ten seconds and then you have a useless app taking up one of your precious slots.

  3. Elaine Howard says:

    This is a racist application and should be removed from Apple’s available apps. It’s insulting to Pacific Islanders everywhere, and this article on the blog is no better than the game.

    Here is an article that exposes the racist nature of this app:

    www . spasifikmag . com / latestupdates_23april09iphonegamethatkillsislanderssparksracistdebate/
    [remove spaces from link - moderated by Admin]


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