App Review: Flick Fishing Helps You Catch a Whopper

by Bret   on March 20, 2009
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flickfishing1 150x150 App Review: Flick Fishing Helps You Catch a WhopperFlick Fishing is a very well done fishing game by Freeverse, Inc the makers of Days of Thunder, Slotz Racer and others. This game is amazing from the game play, all the way down to the graphics. The goal of the game is to complete tasks and fish for fun. The menu is composed of three options: New Game, Help & Options, and Photo Album. In the new game mode, there are three game play modes: Go Fishing, Big Catch, and Big Fish.

Go Fishing is the part of the game where you complete tasks given to you from your captain. These requirements are used to help fill your aquarium with things from treasure chests to really big fish. There are seven different fishing spots. You can choose to fish in a calm river, or even the rolling waves of the ocean. Other fishing spots include night fishing, ponds, and lakes. To see your mission in Go Fishing, click the exclamation point in the middle of the screen. The captain will give you hints on where to find the next fish and which bait to use. There are many different fish in this game ranging from Red Snappers and Pike, all the way over to Sword Fish and Tuna.

Once you have selected your level, you are ready to begin fishing. To cast the line, flick your iPod forward. The harder you flick, the further the line will go. Once you have thrown out the line, wait for a bite. Bites are signaled by sound and movement of the line. To reel in the fish, spin the reel clock-wise. But be careful, if you reel to fast, the line will snap. Be sure to watch your line tension meter and fish strength. When the fish is weak, the line will not tense as quickly. To loosen tension, release the reel for a moment until the meter goes down. If you release too much line, the fish will escape. On the right side of the screen there are two menus: Tackle Box, and a pause button. In the tackle box, you can choose your lures and various types of bait.

photo 3 200x300 App Review: Flick Fishing Helps You Catch a Whopperphoto 4 200x300 App Review: Flick Fishing Helps You Catch a Whopper

In the Big Catch, you compete against a human, computer, or a network. In this mode your goal is to catch the biggest fish that you can within the three minute time limit.  Your fish is measured and compared against the others by weight.   All of the weights of the fishes you caught will be added together.

In the Help & Options, you will find audio options, game options, instructions on how to play, and a credits screen. With these various options, you can choose to be alerted to a fish by sound, turn the tutorial on or off, or change music and sound effects.

In the photo album option, view all of the types of fish you have caught and their weights. Also, you can view scores in the Big Fish, Big Catch tournaments scores and trophies. If you have caught a really big fish that you want to show off, send brag emails to your friends.

Whether you are a fishing fanatic or a novice, this game is great and fun for all ages.

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