App Review: Galcon Lets You Conquer the Galaxy

by Dorothy   on March 31, 2009
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galconsquare1 150x150 App Review: Galcon Lets You Conquer the GalaxyGalcon is a fast-paced game of strategy.  The game is simple.  Your job is to take over planets before your opponent does and wipe out his space fleet.  This task is much easier said than done.  There are 10 difficulty levels and 6 different game types.  In the higher difficulty levels, the enemy is smarter.  All of the different games operate in a very similar way.

In the Classic game, you begin with 100 ships on your planet, which is represented in green.  Your opponent is orange and has one planet to start with as well.  In the easier difficulties, your opponent starts with less ships than you.  Only 50 in the easiest levels.  As the difficulty increases, so does your opponents number of ships.  Eventually, the number is hidden from you so that you don’t know how many he has.  The rest of the planets on the screen are gray, which represents a neutral planet.  All of these neutral planets have a number on them.  The number shows you how many of your ships you must send to that planet to take it over for yourself.  To send your ships to a planet, you can touch a planet that is yours and drag your finger to the planet that you want to take over.  This motion will send 50% of the ships that you have on your planet to the desired location.  You can change this percentage by tapping on the percent in the lower right hand corner of the screen.  For a larger attack, tap on several of your planets and then the one you want to send the ships to.  This sends half of the ships from all the planets you tapped on to the new planet.  Taking over an enemy planet is the same.  You must send enough ships to his planet to exceed the number he has there already.

There is some strategy to taking over the universe.  The most important thing to note is that big planets are more desirable than smaller ones.  Once you take over a planet, your fleet will start to build more and more ships to increase the number in the fleet.  The larger the planet, the faster they produce new ships.  You want to take over the biggest planets you can that require the smallest number of ships in your fleet to take over.  This way your fleet will grow faster than your opponents.  Another thing to keep in mind is that it does take time for your fleet to fly between planets.  Sometimes it is a better idea to take over a closer planet because it can be done quickly click this site.

galcon2 200x300 App Review: Galcon Lets You Conquer the Galaxygalconb5 200x300 App Review: Galcon Lets You Conquer the Galaxy

I found that Classic mode was my favorite.  However, the others can be fun as well.  In Stealth mode, you cannot see the enemy ships attacking.  You can see which planets they have conquered and when they attack a planet, but can’t tell where they are going.  In Vacuum mode, you essentially play against the clock.  You must conquer all the planets before time is up.  In Beast mode, you start with one planet, but your opponent has several planets.  It is a challenge to see if you can start as the underdog and come off conquerer.  In 3-way mode, there are three different competitors represented by 3 different colors.  The app plays for two of them and you are the third.  Again, it presents a unique challenge to play with three different teams.  Net Game offers multiplayer games.  To play a multiplayer game, you must first create a username and password on and then enter them into the Settings App on your device.

My only complaint with the app is that as you play, the difficulty does not increase.  Once you have chosen your difficulty level, it remains the same until you go back to the menu to change it.  I played several games on the easiest difficulty before I realized that I needed to go adjust the difficulty myself.

Galcon is a challenging and unique game that you can play for hours or a few minutes.

Galcon is on sale for $0.99 in the iTunes App Store.

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