App Review: Let’s Golf by Gameloft Brings Tee Time to Your Fingertips

by Dorothy   on March 21, 2009
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letsgolf141 150x150 App Review: Lets Golf by Gameloft Brings Tee Time to Your FingertipsLet’s Golf by Gameloft is a well-designed golfing game for all ages and ability levels.  When you launch the game for the first time, the app will ask you to enter in your name.  This will create a name for your profile.  The app will keep track of your stats.  There are several game play modes to choose from and a lot of options available to tweak in the options menu.  I would recommend starting with the quick tutorial located in the Options menu.  This tutorial is short and teaches you the basics of the controls for the game.  The tutorial, however, only walks you through the classic controls that are the default for the game.  Using the classic controls, you tap the screen to select the power you hit the ball with and the accuracy with which you do it.  The gauge for both of these characteristics is constantly moving so you must time your tap just right.  If you are ready for more of a challenge you can switch the controls over to advanced.  With the advanced controls, you actually move your finger on the screen in the path of a golf swing.  I found that in this mode, the swing was a lot more difficult to control.  Also, in the Options menu you can choose between 6 different languages, edit your profile, and view your stats.

The four game play modes are Instant Play, Multiplayer, Tournament, and Freehole.  Instant Play provides you with a quick game.  The app randomly selects 3 holes for you to play from the many courses that exist.  At the end of the three holes, you are told whether you are a winner or loser.  Multiplayer mode allows you to play against another player one of two ways.  The first is called Hot Seat.  This type of multiplayer game allows two people to play on the same device by taking turns being in the hot seat.  If you have two devices with the game on it, you can play against each other using a wireless connection.  You can choose to host the game or join another game.  If you want to play against someone else, but nobody is around, you can choose to play in Tournament Mode.  For a Tournament, you choose the course, the difficulty level, and which set of holes in the course you want to play.  The app provides 4 other players that you compete against.  You are the only one that actually golfs, but the app keeps track of scores for all 5 people.  The last mode is Freehole.  Again, you choose which course and which 9 holes to play and go golfing.  All of these modes are well-designed and fun.

letsgolf144 269x180 custom App Review: Lets Golf by Gameloft Brings Tee Time to Your Fingertipsletsgolf148 269x180 custom App Review: Lets Golf by Gameloft Brings Tee Time to Your Fingertips

At the beginning of each game, you get to choose your golfer from the four that are offered.  As you scroll through them, you will notice that they all have their strengths and weaknesses.  Some of them have more power, some are more accurate with their shots, and others are better putters.  As you progress through the game, you can also customize your golfer by changing their outfits, hair, and golf balls.  While you are playing, you can exit to the main menu at any time and choose another game at any time.  The app will remember where you left off and you can come back to it.

There is only one minor gripe that I would voice with this game.  That is that there are a lot of pauses as the app moves from one area of the game to the next.  For example, when the app is loading the next hole or returning to a menu.  Obviously, this is a complex game and it takes time to load.  This game is easy to pick up and fun to play.  The graphics are great and there are plenty of game play options and golfing courses to keep you busy for a long time.

Let’s Golf is $5.99 in the iTunes App Store.

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