App Review: Wolfenstein 3D Classic – Relive the Old Days

by Rob   on March 29, 2009
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wolfenstein32screenssquare1 150x150 App Review: Wolfenstein 3D Classic   Relive the Old DaysWhen I saw Wolfenstein 3D Classic hit the App Store, there was little question that we would be reviewing it here on  After all, I spent half of my college years playing it day and night and sacrificing grades for game time.  So, I figured the very least it deserves is a spot here.  Not to mention the fact that the game is climbing like crazy in the top 100 apps list, hitting #4 at the time of this writing.

Wolfenstein 3D by ID Software is the original game that launched the whole first person shooter genre leading to other great games such as Quake and Unreal along with many others.  Hence, Wolfenstein needs no further introductions here.

ID Software has done a fantastic job in porting this classic game to the iPhone.  The original graphics and game play are completely intact and pretty much identical to the 1990’s Wolfenstein 3D (Yes, that is 1990’s).  To help in porting controls to the iPhone, you are given 4 choices of control modes (on screen touches) and the option to enable steering OR strafing (side to side) motion via device tilting.  After a while of playing, I found that using the phone tilting for steering and onscreen touches for strafe and forward/reverse/fire was the best combination for me.

As in the original version, the iPhone version also has 4 levels of difficulty: “Can I Play, Daddy?;” “Don’t Hurt Me;” “Bring ‘em on!;” and “I am Death incarnate!”  There are also 60 maps spread over 6 Episodes – all the same ones from the original game.

If you’ve ever played Wolfenstein 3D (the PC version), then this game will be a little dose of nostalgia.  Escaping from Castle Wolfenstein and defeating the Nazi Germans is just as fun today as it was over 15 years ago.  Wolfenstein is a very fun and exciting game and it’s good to see it make a major comeback.

Wolfenstein 3D Classic is $4.99 in the iTunes App Store.


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  1. I just heard about this and I cannot wait to play it. I have played just about all of the Wolfenstein games over the years. My favorite one was for the PC a few years ago. I remember there were like 50 nazi soldiers parachuting into my location and I just lost it..awesome stuff


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