Free iPhone App Giveaway via Twitter!

by Rob   on March 9, 2009
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Our second ever Free iPhone App Giveaway is going.  To win an app code is easy… just sign up to our Twitter tweets and watch for when they are posted.  It’s that easy.  We like to keep it simple around here and this is about as simple as it can get… We’ll start tweeting app codes any day now and we have quite a few to burn through.  App code tweets could come during any time of the day or night or on any day (just to keep it interesting!).  Good luck! and if you haven’t already, follow us on Twitter!

Older Contest (discontinued):

Our first ever Free iPhone App Giveaway is now underway!  So, here’s the deal:  Several excellent iPhone app developers have partnered with to sponsor these contests.  Apps include: Kitty Kannon, Infinite SMS, Blox, CompareMe and more (reviews are still pending).

To enter into the random drawing you must do one (or more) of 4 things:

  1. Leave a comment on any review… review only comments count.
  2. Start a thread or comment on an existing thread in the forums (yeah, they needs some help!).
  3. Subscribe to our twitter tweets.
  4. Subscribe to our email list.

Comments must also be relevent to the thread (highly subjective, we know), so a comment like “wow” doesn’t qualify and similarly, new thread topics should be discussable topics relevant to our website theme (so, please don’t ask about the weather on the apps forum!!).  You can comment on reviews / threads in the forum as much as you want and each comment/post will count as an entry for that days drawing, however twitter and email signups will count once each but will be eligible to win each day we run the contest (your best value icon wink Free iPhone App Giveaway via Twitter! .

That’s pretty much it.  We have about 15-20 app codes to giveaway in our first round which we will do at a rate of two app codes per day. Winners will be notified via email (so yeah, your real email address would be important when commenting or registering), or a direct message via twitter (if you chose to signup to twitter).

Come back often to keep entering into the contests and increase your chances of winning one of these very cool apps.

free apps 600x300 480x240 Free iPhone App Giveaway via Twitter!

Contest Rules:

  1. App codes are for the US App Store only, so for US Residents Only.
  2. If you don’t like the app code you win you can consider making a friend by giving it away to someone else. (We’d like to discourage app code exchanges)
  3. Abuse and Spam will not be tolerated in any way shape or form.  So, you may comment ONCE per review.  However you may post multiple times per forum thread, so long as it does not appear that you are spamming it.
  4. Determining if you are spamming the forums or reviews is at our sole discretion, so be nice.
  5. Winners will be notified by email, so a valid email is required unless the winner is via twitter, in which case the winner will be notified by @user on twitter.
  6. If you get an app code to an app you already have or to one you don’t want, make a friend and give it to someone else!
  7. Signing up for twitter means getting our tweets, which is whenever we post something to the site (about twice per day).
  8. Signing up for email means getting our updates via email.  This is done via feedburner and goes out once per day.  You may also see the occasional site update or newsletter, but so far we’ve never done any of these so don’t count on them any time soon.
  9. Contest is over when we run out of app codes.
  10. Void where prohibited.  Although, not sure where this would apply but you see this on every contest rules, so we thought it would be fitting here too.
  11. Do not email us asking for an app code… you will not get one.  You must follow the above rules and enter the same as everyone else.


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  1. admin says:

    Comments here are to ask questions about the contest/rules only… they don’t count towards winning. Sorry.


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