iPhone OS 3.0 has copy/paste and 100 more enhancements

by Rob   on March 17, 2009
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As many of you may know, Apple had their iPhone OS 3.0 live event today in Cupertino, California. The event, hosted at Apple, was to give everyone a view into the upcoming iPhone OS 3.0 and the many new features and enhancements to the platform. So, without further delay, this is what I got as some long awaited features due to hit iPhones everywhere this summer:

  • Major API enhancements and additions for app developers (over 1000).
  • App subscriptions and in-app purchases now supported (Apple to take 30% still).
  • Discovery of nearby devices via bluetooth.
  • SDK dock support for proprietary apps and accessories.
  • Map app enhancements for in-app maps via the APIs.
  • CoreLocation to support turn by turn navigation, developers must supply their own maps.
  • Push notification – Can push badges, text and sounds. Major infrastructure changes to support it.
  • Cut, Copy & Paste supported across all applications. Minimal effort to implement for developers.
  • All Apple apps to receive landscape mode keyboards.
  • A whole new messages app (texts) to support MMS and more.
  • A whole new voice memos app.
  • Updates to Calendar app to include syncing with Google, Yahoo! and others.
  • Spotlight search to search across all apps and launch the appropriate app.
  • Stereo bluetooth support (A2DP) for wireless stereo headphones, etc.
  • Many more enhancements.

This is definitely the largest and most complete update that the iPhone has ever seen.  Nearly every single gripe that anyone has had with the device will be overcome with this new update.  I’m also very happy to see that every one of the items on my wish list have been met – thank you very much!

The update will be available this summer to all 3G iPhone owners. 2G iPhone owners can also use it but with missing features and iPod Touch owners will have to caugh up $9.95 to run it on their devices.  However, judging by the laundry list of enhancements every device owner will benefit from an upgrade to 3.0.

For further/more detailed information visit: TechCrunch.com, Gizmodo.com, and ArsTechnica.com.


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