Pocketfun Delivers Again With New App PocketPop Revenge

by Dorothy   on March 3, 2009
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pocketpop4 100x150 Pocketfun Delivers Again With New App PocketPop RevengePocketPop Revenge is a new edition of an old favorite.  PocketPop was very popular about 8 years ago as a game for the Pocket PC.  Pocketfun has added some new options to this game and released it for the iPhone/iPod Touch.  The basic premise of the game is similar to many others that we have seen in the past.  You must clear as many blocks as you can from the screen in groups of two or more blocks of the same color.  To remove the blocks, tap once to select the group to be removed and a second time to remove the group.  Or you can change the options so that a single tap removes them.  I found that the single tap option was extremely helpful in some of the game modes.

The original PocketPop had three game modes (Classic, Magnetism, and Column Clearer).  PocketPop Revenge keeps these three modes and adds to it the Revenge mode.  Classic and Magnetism modes offer the option of a quick game.  Just clear as many blocks as you can.  When there are no more moves on the screen, the game is over.  New blocks do not come on the screen.  The difference between these two modes lies in the direction that the blocks move when other blocks around them are removed.  In Classic mode, the blocks fall down first and then move left when a whole column is emptied.  In Magnetism mode, the left side of the screen is magnetized, causing the blocks to move left first and then fall down if there is not a block directly beneath them.

A game in Column Clearer mode has the potential to last much longer.  In this mode, the blocks fall down as you clear others on the board just like in Classic mode.  However, once you clear an entire column, the blocks do not slide over.  Instead, a whole new column of blocks falls into the empty column.  With blocks constantly filling the empty columns on the board, the game can go on as long as there are groups of two or more of the same color blocks to clear.

pocketpop2 200x300 Pocketfun Delivers Again With New App PocketPop Revengepocketpop3 200x300 Pocketfun Delivers Again With New App PocketPop Revenge

The new Revenge mode is even more complex and challenging than any of the previous three.  It is based on the classic mode, but has a few twists and turns added.  You are still trying to clear the screen, the blocks still fall down and slide over as you clear other blocks, but when there are no more moves left, all of the empty spots on the screen fill with new blocks.  Also, now you are working against a timer.  Each time you clear a group of blocks from the board, it adds time to the timer.  The timer moves faster and faster on each successive level.  You must learn how to work fast.  Revenge mode is where the one tap clearing is very helpful.  Every second counts.  The other major difference in Revenge mode is the addition of special blocks that can help you clear the board faster.  These special blocks include ones that clear whole rows or all the blocks of a certain color on the board.  To activate these blocks, however, you must clear them from the screen as part of a larger color group.  Sometimes, that in and of itself can be a challenge.

While not a radically new idea, PocketPop Revenge is definitely a nice update to an old favorite and a fun app to play.

PocketPop Revenge is available for $1.99 in the iTunes App Store for a limited time.


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