Zen Bound App Review Shows Us That We All Need a Little Zen

zen bound4 100x150 Zen Bound App Review Shows Us That We All Need a Little ZenRecently, I downloaded and installed the new Zen Bound – another excellent app by Chillingo Ltd.  At first, I wasn’t sure about this whole Zen thing since I’ve never spent more than 2 minutes in any Zen state before.  However, after playing this game for awhile, I discovered that I actually really liked it.  Zen Bound is a puzzle game, if you want to call it a game, that is unlike any other that I have come across.  There are no time limits.  You work at each level at your own pace and in your own way until you are satisfied with the result.

Each level presents you with a wooden sculpture and a 50 meter length of rope.  The goal is to paint the entire sculpture by wrapping it in the rope.  As you wrap the rope around the sculpture, the area around where the rope is touching it changes color.  As you progress through the levels, the sculptures become more complex, making your job harder and harder.  When you get the sculpture 70% painted, a gong will sound telling you that you have completed enough to pass the level.  To move on, you must touch the lighted nail on the sculpture with your rope.  If you choose to end the level with only 70% done you only get one flower for that level.  If you can get the sculpture completely painted, you can earn a full 3 flowers.  The flowers allow you to advance up the tree to the higher levels.  So, it is in your best interest to earn as many flowers as you can.  There are times that completely painting the sculpture may seem impossible.  If you run out of rope or want to change the way you are proceeding you can always unwrap the sculpture and start again.  You can also play the levels as many times as you want.  You can even leave a level and come back to it later and find it just the way you left it.  The goal in this game is perfection at your own pace.

zen bound2 200x300 Zen Bound App Review Shows Us That We All Need a Little Zenzen bound5 200x300 Zen Bound App Review Shows Us That We All Need a Little Zen

There are two different paths that you can take in the game.  They are represented by different trees.  The Tree of Reflection and the Tree of Challenge.  The first contains sculptures of animals while the second contains geometric shapes.  Both are challenging and fun.  The levels appear as papers with a picture of the sculpture hanging from the branches of the trees.  There are also lighted lanterns hanging from some of the tree branches that have a number on them.  You must have more flowers than the number on the lantern to move above the lantern on the tree.

The graphics on this game are great.  The controls are easy to figure out and take advantage of both the iPhone’s touch controls and accelerometer.  It is a very well done game for those who like a good puzzle.  If you find you really like the background sound, you can even download the soundtrack for free from the Secret Exit website once you own the app.

Zen Bound is $4.99 in the iTunes App Store for a limited time.


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