App Review: Bones by CP3, Inc.

by Dorothy   on April 14, 2009
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bonessquare1 150x150 App Review: Bones by CP3, Inc.Bones is a simple and entertaining dice game. The game of Bones is typically played with two people. This app, however, was written to provide a one player game in which you play against your iPod/iPhone. The game is played by taking turns rolling 5 dice. The object is to roll the right numbers or combinations of numbers to earn the most points. The first player to 10,000 points wins. The numbers that earn you points are ones and fives. Ones are worth 100 points and fives 50 points. You can earn more points by rolling triples of any number. When you roll a triple you get 100 times the number value on the die (ie. rolling three 3’s would earn you 300 points). The exception being rolling three 1’s earns you 1000 points.

After you roll the dice the first time, the dice that have points on them become grayed out on the screen.  The others remain white. You can then choose to roll the remaining dice again to try for more points. If you roll more points, they are added to the points from the previous roll. If you do not roll more points, you lose the points that you had and your turn is over. Rolling again is definitely somewhat of a gamble. Deciding when to roll and when to stay becomes the crux of the game, as the rest is all left up to chance. Under the preferences menu you can change how your opponent (your device) decides when to roll and when to stay. You can also change the minimum number of points you need to earn before you can stay.

I did have some trouble making changes in the preferences menu and getting the changes to stick.  However, the developer assures me he is aware of these problems and that they will be fixed in the next update.  Overall, I found Bones to be fun and addicting to play.

Bones is $0.99 in the iTunes App Store.

bones1 200x300 App Review: Bones by CP3, Inc.bones2 200x300 App Review: Bones by CP3, Inc.

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