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by Dorothy   on April 26, 2009
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yetisports1 150x150 App Review: Yetisports 1 by ROOT9 MediaLab GmbHYetisports is an entertaining game based on the online Yetisports games.  It seems to me like a cross between Kitty Kannon and Crazy Penguin Catapult.  The game takes place in the Arctic and features the legendary Yeti (or abominable snowman) and Pengu the penguin.  There are 3 different games in addition to the Classic game.  To me, they are not all that different, though.  In all four, the game starts with a penguin on top of a tall rock and the Yeti standing underneath him holding a large baseball bat.  The first time you tap the screen, the penguin will jump down from his perch.  Then, when you tap the screen again, the Yeti will swing the bat.  If you time it right, the Yeti will hit the penguin, catapulting him forward through the air.  The timing of the swing and the tilt of your iPhone will determine his trajectory.

Once the penguin in launched, your job is to tilt your device in such a way as to keep him in the air as long as you can and get him to travel as far as you can.  To move onto the next level, you must get the penguin to travel a certain distance.  In several of the levels there are also birds flying through the air.  Some of them are carrying fish.  You can bounce your penguin off of the birds to help keep him in the air.  If you hit one carrying a fish from below, you can also steal the fish.  In some of the games, you must collect a certain number of fish to progress on to the next level.  There are penguins holding numbered markers all along the way to let you know how far he has traveled. You can earn stars for completing levels especially well.

yetisports2 269x180 custom App Review: Yetisports 1 by ROOT9 MediaLab GmbHyetisports4 269x180 custom App Review: Yetisports 1 by ROOT9 MediaLab GmbH

In playing the game, I found the menus to be somewhat confusing.  When you successfully complete a level, it does not automatically move you onto the next level.  You must choose to move on to the next level and then it takes you to the next level in one of the different games.  However, for me, the game was not really about beating levels and progressing forward because the game seems to remain much the same.  Instead, it is more about flying your penguin through the air and trying to see if you can beat your own personal best distance, or that of a friends.  Yetisports 1 is entertaining and addicting.

Yetisports 1 is $2.99 in the iTunes App Store.

yetisports3 269x180 custom App Review: Yetisports 1 by ROOT9 MediaLab GmbHyetisports5 269x180 custom App Review: Yetisports 1 by ROOT9 MediaLab GmbH

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