App Review: Car Jack Streets by Tag Games Limited

by Bret   on May 10, 2009
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carjackstreets8 150x150 App Review: Car Jack Streets by Tag Games Limited Car Jack Streets by Tag Games Limited is the first great Grand Theft Auto game for the iPhone. You are Randal Meyers, who is in trouble with the Italian Mob. He has a gambling problem and lost $1,000,000 dollars to the mob.  Now they want it back. Frankie wants $50,000 a week until your debt is paid off. If you don’t meet the quota, you will be taken out by the mob. Work your way through the city completing jobs for random criminals and businesses to earn money. While you are wandering around the city, you will be notified by random people of jobs in the city, some legal and some illegal. Jobs can include killing gang members, driving buses and taxis, delivering pizzas, and testing out cars on a track.

This game is played in a bird’s eye view of the city. In the bottom left of the screen is a D-Pad. Simply place your finger on the pad and slide it in the direction you would like to go just like a joystick. Your GPS is located just above the D-Pad. Once you have been notified of a job, enter the GPS and choose the location you would like to go, press confirm, and a red arrow will guide you to your location. If you are tired of walking, approach a car, and press the enter car button at the bottom of the screen. This causes you to hijack the car and speed your way through town. You can drive every type of car you see including street sweepers, police cars, and sports cars. While in the car, press forward to accelerate, back to slow, and left and right to turn.

Throughout the city power-ups and guns are to be found. You may only carry one gun at a time. Power-ups include gang members, disguises, and additional ammo. The types of guns can vary from machine guns, to shot guns, and even flamethrowers. In the top left of the screen your health, type of gun, and time of day are displayed. In the top right your amount of money due and amount of money obtained so far are displayed. Also, your wanted status is displayed. Your wanted status increases when you shoot or run over civilians or policemen. As your wanted level increases, cops begin to show up to arrest you. This arrest results in a $250 fine. When your health bar runs out, you must visit the doctor.

As you collect money, you can submit your scores online to see how you rank against other thugs. This game is made interesting by its real time game play. You have six months to pay off your debts in real time. This makes it easier for all those people like me who are busy and can only play a couple of hours a week. This game is more suited for older players because of the language and violence.

Car Jack Streets is a great Grand Theft Auto game with great graphics, music, and game play.

Car Jack Streets is $4.99 in the iTunes App Store.

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  1. Emily Jones says:

    i happen to have some gambling problem. i am addicted to poker and blackjack that i lost 1,000$ in one night.:-*

  2. sometimes, gambling problem is very very difficult to solve.:.;


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