App Review: Harbor Master by Imangi Studios, LLC

harbormaster3 149x149 App Review: Harbor Master by Imangi Studios, LLCAttention all you Flight Control addicts out there.  I have another game for you.  Harbor Master by Imangi Studios, LLC is a lot like the flight game we have all come to know and love.  Only this time, you are directing boats, and your job is twice as tough.  Now you not only have to direct the incoming traffic, but the outgoing as well without letting anything crash.  There are three different harbors to work at.  When you start the game, only one is unlocked.  You can unlock the other two by earning high scores in that harbor.  The harbors have differing numbers of docks arranged differently.  Each one comes with its own challenges.  One harbor has color coded docks that you must match to the color of the ship.  Another harbor is prone to cyclones that will drive your ships off course.

Harbor Master is played in almost the exact same way to Flight Control.  Simply touch on a ship and drag your finger to the dock to chart a course for it.  The ship will then unload its cargo, represented by the colored squares on board.  Once the ship has finished unloading its cargo, you can touch on it again and draw a course back out to sea.  Watch out for ships entering the screen that may collide with ships exiting.  A flashing arrow indicates the approach of ships from off the screen.  Also, be aware that not all ships move at the same pace.  The larger the ship, the slower it moves.  However, if you can manage to get them docked, they carry more cargo.  If you cannot get a ship docked when it enters the screen, you can redirect it.  However, the ship will not exit the screen until it has been docked and its cargo unloaded.  The faster you work, the better off you will be.

Harbor Master is every bit as addicting and challenging as Flight Control.  Plus, you have the added advantage of having three different harbors to master.  You can compete to beat your own best score or that of a friend.  If you enter your email address into the app, you can even post your scores to the global score board.  Harbor Master is hours and hours of addicting fun.

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