App Review: Sally’s Spa by Games Cafe Inc.

by Dorothy   on June 3, 2009
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sallysspa1 150x150 App Review: Sallys Spa by Games Cafe Inc.It seems that so many of the apps in the iTunes App Store are aimed at males.  Don’t get me wrong, even though I a girl, I thoroughly enjoy some of them myself.  Sally’s Spa by Games Cafe Inc. offers a fun and challenging game with a more feminine theme.  You are Sally, a successful spa owner.  On a trip to Laguna Beach to visit your friend Nell, you find that business is not going so well for her at her resort.  You decide to step in and buy the spa and try to make it successful.  This task turns out to be challenging even for an experienced salon owner like yourself.

The best place to start with this app is with the “How To Play” section.  This section will walk you through the basics of the spa and what you need to do to serve your customers and keep them happy.  Each customer that comes into your spa will take a seat in a waiting chair.  Over their head is a colored bubble letting you know which of the spa service they want.  Tap on the customer and drag them to the station in the spa with the corresponding color.  Once seated in the right area, a white bubble will appear over their head indicating what they want.  Tap on the customer again to have Sally come over and help them.  When the spa is really busy, you can tap on several customers and schedule an order for Sally to help them in.  Small numbers will appear next to each customer indicating their place in line.

This app keeps you on your toes in terms of task management.  You want to get each customer in and out as quickly as possible to keep them happy.  Happy customers leave bigger tips, while unhappy customers will get frustrated and eventually leave. Not all customers have the same patience levels either.  There are several different types of customers that frequent your spa.  Each type has a different level of patience and different tipping habits.

Once you get the hang of the basics of running the spa, you are given the opportunity to sell products to your customers to earn even more money.  You can also use your money at the end of each day to hire help or upgrade your spa to help keep your customers happy and business flowing smoothly.

The only complaint that I would voice about Sally’s Spa is that I was often interrupted in the middle of moving a customer or assigning tasks to Sally by a pop-up bubble asking me to choose a facial for a customer or place a hot stone on a customer’s back.  These pop-ups would often cause customers to fall between the cracks and the spa would get backed up.  I guess that is part of the multi-tasking the game requires.  Sally’s Spa reminded me a lot of Airport Mania by Reflexive Entertainment only with a different theme.  However, Sally’s Spa is somewhat more complex and seems to lend itself to an older audience in subject matter and graphics.

Sally’s Spa is on sale for $0.99 in the iTunes App Store.

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