App Review: Toki Tori by Chillingo

tokitorireview34 150x100 App Review: Toki Tori by ChillingoA few weeks ago Chillingo provided us with a preview version of Toki Tori and in our first look we loved this game and knew it would be a hit.  Now that the game has been officially released to the App Store we thought it was high-time we do a full review on the game.

For those of you not familiar with this game, let me give you a little background.  Toki Tori is a puzzle game developed by Two Tribes that was originally released for Nintendo’s Wii (WiiWare).  It has now been ported over to the iPhone and iPod Touch.  The game features intuitive new controls that take advantage of the touch screen interface of the iPhone while providing an excellent game experience.

As Toki Tori, the young chick in the game, your job is to rescue your unhatched siblings in a maze of various obstacles and pitfalls.  As you complete more levels, you are awarded more ‘tools’ that you can use to get to each of your siblings’ eggs.  Tools include: Telewarp, Freeze-o-Matic, and Instant Rock™ to name a few.  Depending on the level, you may have a limited number of a specific tool.  So, be careful to use them wisely and plan out your moves ahead of time.  Chances are, you will need to use all the tools you’ve been given in order to get to each of your unhatched siblings.  If you’ve found that you get stuck on a level, most likely by prematurely using the tools you’ve been given, no worries.  You can restart the level to try it again.

Toki Tori has four worlds and 80 levels to keep you entertained for hours.  The first world, Forest Falls, takes place in a forest complete with water falls, tree trunks and underground tunnels.  Once you complete 10 levels of Forest Falls, the next world, Creepy Castle, will be unlocked.  Like it’s name suggests, Creepy Castle takes place in haunted castles complete with ghosts. Once you complete 10 levels to Creepy Castle, Slimy Sewer is available for play.  The last world is Bubble Barrage.

As mentioned, the controls for Toki Tori are very intuitive and easy (even my 5yo can play this game, which he does!).  However, don’t let the easy controls fool you.  This game makes you think and think hard as you figure out how to get to each of your unhatched siblings.  During game play, the screen is zoomed in quite close to Toki,  However, if you ever need to pause and take a wider look at the full maze, just do a little pinch-screen action and the game will be paused and will zoom out so that you can see the whole maze at once.  I found this function far more useful than relying on the introduction you are given to each level where the game shows you each of the eggs in the maze before you start the level.

Toki Tori is a very well polished game.  Chillingo continues to live up to their reputation as an excellent game producer.  Graphics are great and the game is loaded with “cute” animations to keep you involved.  After a few hours of playing Toki, I can tell you that this game is addictive, fun and definitely worthy of your $4.99, especially if you enjoy puzzle games. homebutton icon App Review: Toki Tori by Chillingo

Toki Tori is $4.99 in the iTunes App Store.

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