App Review: AirCoaster 3D by Ziconic

by Rob   on July 26, 2009
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The new iPhone 3GS introduced some new features, including the compass, which allows developers to now know the direction in which you are facing. Combining the compass with the accelerometer, GPS and other functions will allow developers to create a much more immersive experience in their apps. Altered Reality apps are said to be waiting for API features that are pending release with iPhone OS 3.1.  However, AirCoaster 3D by Ziconic has cleverly leveraged the new features of the iPhone 3GS along with the iPhone OS 3.0 with their latest update. We’ve been waiting for this update to hit the store for a few weeks, ever since we saw an early video of the features.  We spent the past couple of days testing it out.

aircoaster3d25 300x200 App Review: AirCoaster 3D by Ziconic

Along with the new update that leverages the compass, Ziconic has also introduced a game mode into AirCoaster 3D. However, to be honest, the game mode is not the reason you would purchase this app, as it’s more of an afterthought. However, you would purchase this app for the immersive 3D experience that it now gives you, providing you have the new 3GS iPhone.

You can now actually look around you as you are riding the roller coaster. So if you want to see beside you or behind you, simply turn your iPhone around to look in the various directions.  You can even look up and down. For the first time that we’ve seen, the user is introduced into a truly immersive experience, an ‘alter reality’ if you will. While AirCoaster 3D is the first app that we’ve seen that uses this feature in a game, you can be sure that more and more developers will be releasing apps and games that take the iPhone to new levels.

AirCoaster 3D is a pretty cool roller coaster app that, if you’re prone to motion sickness like myself, you’ll want to limit your time with. However, the experience is fun as you ride the coaster through the air. Corkscrews are especially effective in getting the motion sickness going!

AirCoaster 3D has a social network component via shared tracks. Through the track editor, you can create your own tracks, ride them, or share them with other AirCoaster riders. The track editor is pretty complex and allows you to create pretty much whatever type of track you can imagine.  There are some pretty crazy tracks in the shared section (easily downloaded to your iPhone to ride yourself). There is also a whole themes section that allows you to change the landscape around your coaster.

AirCoaster 3D by Ziconic is a fun pocket-coaster app that will surely amaze you with it’s many features and great immersive experience.

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