App Review: Earth vs Moon by Low Five Games

earthvsmoon1 150x150 App Review: Earth vs Moon by Low Five GamesHelp!  Once again Earth is being invaded.  You must protect the Earth and its inhabitants.  This time the threat does not come from some far away world, though.  The invaders are coming from our very own Moon.  The Man on the Moon just got a whole lot more real and a whole lot more frightening.

Earth vs Moon by Low Five Games is a very well-designed game.  When you first launch the game, only one of the play modes is unlocked, Story Mode.  Within Story Mode only the tutorial and the First Encounter are available.  To unlock the other levels and play modes, you must conquer the preceding levels.  The tutorial is short and sweet.  It will teach you the basics of the controls and the game.  It is a good place to start.  The other two play modes allow you to choose what type of level you want to play.  In a Score Attack game you face endless waves of oncoming attackers with a limited number of missiles.  See how long you can last and then try to beat that.  The third mode allows you to choose one of the specialized level types such as the two described above.

Most of the attacks on the Earth come in the form of missiles raining down from Space.  You have three ships which you can fire from to destroy the missiles.  Simply tap on the screen to fire a shot.  The ship closest to the tapped area will fire.  Keep in mind that your missile will explode exactly where you tell them to.  However, while your missile is flying through space, the enemy missiles continue to move forward.  Making to two collide takes some careful planning.  If the enemy missiles hit the Earth, they will cause damage.  If they hit one of your ships, they will destroy it and leave you short-handed.  You can defend your ships by tapping on them to raise a shield.  Unfortunately, you have a limited number of missiles for each level.  Every form of defense costs missiles, even your shields.

As you progress through the levels, they get harder and harder.  Some levels feature alien invaders that advance on you the same way they did in the classic Space Invaders.  In others, you face an alien paddle that you must play pong with.  You return the ball by shooting it with your missiles.  If you miss the ball it can cause the Earth harm or destroy your ships.  You win when the aliens miss the ball 7 times and lose all their ammunition.  While ingenious, I found this level very challenging.

Earth vs Moon is a well designed game that is sure to provide hours of challenging fun.

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