App Review: Golfshot: Golf GPS by Shotzoom Software

golfshotsquare1 150x150 App Review: Golfshot: Golf GPS by Shotzoom SoftwareGolfshot: Golf GPS by Shotzoom Software is an amazing app for all golfers.  At first I was worried about getting this app since I have an iPod Touch which doesn’t have a GPS.  Now that I have the app and have tested it out, I am pleased to report that it works great on the iPod Touch, and I didn’t really miss any of the added features that the GPS allows you to have.

To start out, Golfshot will show up with all of the golf courses that are nearest to your location.  You get to select which course you will be playing on and which tee box you will tee off from.  For those of you with an iPod Touch, you will need to download the information for the course that you are playing on a Wi-Fi network before you go golfing.  After that, you get to add any other golfers that will be playing in that round with you.

When you get to the golf course, you can pull up an aerial view of the hole you are on.  By holding one finger on the screen, you can move a target on the screen to map out your approach to the hole.  The app will give you the distance from your tee box to the target, as well as the distance from the target to the green.  Those with a GPS enabled iPhone can get distances measured using their GPS location, specify distance to the front, center, or back of the green, and see professionally mapped targets for each hole.  Those without GPS (iPod Touch and iPhone first gen.) can view distances based on predetermined measurements of the course, which can still be very helpful.

After you have finished a hole, you can input the scores for each person.  To enter scores, just tap on each golfer’s name and put in their score. Following that, you can put in which club you used at the tee off, how good of a shot it was, whether or not you hit into a sand bunker, and whether or not you got any penalties.  After all the information is entered, the app will display your score.  You repeat this process for all of the golfers in your group.  By turning your device to landscape mode, you can see the scorecard that looks like the ones that are supplied by most golf courses.

The other major feature of this app is statistics.  After you play a round of golf, you can view your stats from that round. Some of the stats are Driving Accuracy, Greens in Regulation, Recovery Performance, Putting Averages, Scores by Par, and Scoring. These stats are great for helping you see patterns, good or bad, in your golf game.  For me, they helped me to realize that my drives usually veered off to the left.  Now the next time I play I will be able to adjust my swing so that my drives will go straight.

Golfshot is a rather expensive app.  However, if you are looking for an app that has all of the same features as this one, your only alternative is a $300 plus GPS.  This lower price point makes Golfshot well worth the money.  It works seamlessly, and it can really help you to improve your golf game.  If you are an avid golfer, this app is a must have.

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10 Responses to “App Review: Golfshot: Golf GPS by Shotzoom Software”
  1. Robert Jones says:

    I was a little worried about the price of this application and not sure whether I would have time to use it on the course. This app is the best application for golfing; there will never be a more useful app for keeping a scorecard and keeping your game organized.It is also very simple to look back on. This app is well worth every penny. I will reccomend this app to every golfer that I see at the course. Thank you ShootZoom Software for the app, and thank you appchatter for the review. This app is quick, easy, and fun to use. Almost impossible to improve.

  2. John says:

    I hear that it’s a really great app, but currently I can’t download it from the Apps Store website as it advises the file is corrupt. Where else can you go to download it?

  3. Golf is my favorite game, sometimes we play golf with bets.-“

  4. GPS is very useful specially the ones that are put on the Car dashboard. it can really help you drive on unfamiliar places.-”

  5. Paul says:

    How different between golf gps app on ipod and golf gps unit.
    I think that if you are amateur golfer, golf gps app will save more money but you must have ipod first.

  6. playing golf has been the past time of my grandfather, he loves to play golf every week.;;’

  7. GPS is really needed for vehicles and also for some recreational purposes like in camping if you do not want to get lost.”-*

  8. I belong to a golf course in Missoula Montana that has GPS units built into the golf carts, but this would be great for the walkers.

  9. the accessories for golf are very expensive and joining golf clubs even adds more expense :`:

  10. GPS is really a heaven sent gadget, you can always pinpoint your exact location wherever you are ”*


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