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App Review: I Dig It by InMotion Software, LLC (with tips)

by Jeff   on July 15, 2009
Filed under Daily App Reviews, Games

idigit1 150x150 App Review: I Dig It by InMotion Software, LLC (with tips)I Dig It by InMotion Software, LLC is a really fun game with a great story to go with it. Times are tough and rain is scarce.  Farmer Lewis is running out of money.  So, he invents a digging machine to dig for things that the farmer can sell for money to pay off his mortgage. You get to control the digging machine and collect the objects out of the ground and then sell them. Using this money you can also upgrade your machine in several areas. You can upgrade the hull, the coolant, the drill, the radar, the fuel tank, and the cargo. Each of these upgrades will help to allow you to reach deeper depths in the earth, which contain more valuable objects that you can collect. Every object that you collect takes up space.  When your cargo is full, you will need to return to the surface. Once you have surfaced, you will also need to get more gas and sell the items at the stand.

I Dig It has very simple controls. All you need to do is use the control stick which is in the bottom of the screen. This will allow you to dig tunnels through the ground towards the objects.

I Dig It is a very well done and addicting game. The controls are extremely easy to use and master. The animations are smooth and the graphics look perfect. The sound effects are also very realistic. I Dig It is a great game for everyone to play.


  1. Be careful with your digging machine.  Excessive drilling or digging will cause it to heat up.  If it overheats, game over. Upgrade the cooling system to help keep it from overheating.
  2. Don’t crash it or bump it too hard.  When you are “flying” around and bumping into things, the hull gets damaged.  Too much damage and your machine is finished.  An upgrade to the hull helps keep damage at bay.
  3. Watch your gauges, especially gas.  You’ll quickly notice that the digger machine uses a lot of fuel.  There’s an upgrade for this too but depending on your order of upgrades you’ll need to do some mining first and get some money.  The developer obviously thought that gas was back at $4.00 per gallon because it is expensive to refuel the digger.
  4. If you can, maximize your cargo hold with objects you’ve found. ie: dig until your cargo is full.  Flying in and out of the holes takes a lot of fuel.
  5. There are multiple levels of upgrades for each component.  However, they quickly get expensive.  Digging deeper gets to better items you can sell for more money.  The deeper you go, the less around you you can see (radar) as the ground gets more dense.  When you’ve got the first order of upgrades complete ($100.00 levels) then start digging deeper and deeper.

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