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App Review: Medieval by Brisk Mobile Inc.

by Jeff   on July 19, 2009
Filed under Daily App Reviews, Games

medieval4 150x150 App Review: Medieval by Brisk Mobile Inc.Medieval by Brisk Mobile Inc. is a cool castle defense game. The goal of the game is to defend your castle and flag from attackers. If the enemy gets your flag and take it back to their side, you lose. If you keep your flag on your side for the entire game, then you win. You defend your castle by using a cross bow mounted on the top of your castle to shoot them as they approach your castle. To shoot the cross bow, place your finger on it.  Then, draw your finger back to draw the bow, move your finger up or down to aim the shot, and release your finger to fire.  After each shot that you take, you have to wait for the weapon to recharge before you can fire again.  I did have some trouble actually hitting the enemy sometimes, but I suppose that is par for battle.

When you defeat enemies, you receive gold. Gold can then be used to upgrade your castle’s defenses.  You can access the upgrade menu at any time during the game by tapping on the cog at the top left of the screen.  The top row of upgrades are buildings that you can add to your castle.  You must purchase these upgrades before you can recruit troops to defend your castle.  For example, purchasing barracks will allow you to hire knights.  The second row of upgrades are weapons upgrades.  You can upgrade to flaming arrows, triple arrow shots, bomb arrows, and much more. Once you have purchased these upgrades, they will show up as an icon at the bottom of the screen when they are ready to be used.  Your cross bow will still fire the standard arrows unless you tap on the upgraded arrows that you purchased.  These too will need to recharge after use.  The troops are also deployed by tapping on an icon in the lower right of the screen.  Keep on eye on your gold, though.  Deploying troops can be very helpful, but it is never free.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with the oncoming waves of attackers and are simply standing by while they destroy your castle and steal your flag, you can choose to start the current level over again by tapping on the circle arrow button at the top left of the screen.  You can also simply pause the game and take some time to rethink your strategy.

With three levels of difficulty and the ability to save up to four games simultaneously, Medieval is sure to keep you busy for awhile.  It is an awesome game with clear graphics. I would love to be able to zoom in on the scene and see things a little more clearly, but the game works well the way it is.

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One Response to “App Review: Medieval by Brisk Mobile Inc.”
  1. Ron Ablang says:

    I have the free (lite) version of Medieval by Brisk Mobile and I love it. It’s a different type of tower defense game.


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