App Review: My Squares! Here & Now! by Rapid Turtle Games

by Dorothy   on July 30, 2009
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mysquaresherenow3 150x150 App Review: My Squares! Here & Now! by Rapid Turtle GamesMy Squares! Here & Now! is a cleaver board game that will challenge even the cleaverest of thinkers. The goal of the game is to get as many points as you can by taking squares on the board for your color.  There are two types of games; Standard and Quick Play.  Quick Play is a single round game.  Standard has multiple rounds.  Players take turns taking squares.  The one with the most points at the end of the game wins.

My Squares! can be played with up to four players.  You can choose the number of opponents and whether they are other people or app generated.  On your turn, you can move in three different ways.  First, you can move one space in any direction except diagonally.  When you move one space, the space that you vacate will be taken for your color.  Second, you can jump two spaces.  When you jump, the space that you vacate will not be yours, but you will take any of the eight squares surrounding the one you land on that have another player’s color already.  Third, you can tap on the square that you are on and teleport.  Teleporting will land you on another random square on the board.  You will not take any squares with this move, though.  Players can never move diagonally.

it is not the player that takes the most squares that wins, though.  It is the player with the most points.  Squares have different point values.  Squares with a triangle are worth 40 points, those with a circle are worth 20, and all the others are worth only 10 points.  It takes some planning and strategy to take the high point squares and keep them in your control.  As the board fills up with colored squares, you quickly start running out of moves.  When there are no possible moves left, tap on your player and it will disappear from the screen.  When there is only one player left on the screen, the game is over.  You can then submit your score to the online Hall of Fame.

The biggest problem that I had with this game was figuring out how to play it.  I read through the help section, which gives you the rules of the game, but they were not as clear as they could have been.  Once you understand the game, it is fun and challenging for all ages.

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