App Review: Prey Invasion by Hands-On Mobile

by Jeff   on July 21, 2009
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preyinvasiond1 150x150 App Review: Prey Invasion by Hands On MobilePrey Invasion by Hands-On Mobile is a very complex game with very realistic graphics. In the game you are playing as Tommy Hawk, a modern-day Cherokee warrior. Your girl friend has been kidnapped by aliens and now it is your job to rescue her before she turns into an alien. To do this you must face ugly mutant aliens and kill them before they kill you. You can use any of the weapons that you pick up on your quest. Once you have picked up a weapon, you retain it in your arsenal and can switch between weapons when you need to.  As a Cherokee warrior, Tommy Hawk can use his native powers to help him on his quest.

The game controls for Prey Invasion are rather complex and difficult to use. There are two control modes: Digital, and Analog. The Digital Controls provide many buttons. Each of these buttons controls a different aspect of Tommy’s movement or the view on the screen.  It takes a little while to get the hang of what each one does.  The Analog Controls provide two Joy Sticks for you to use. One of them will control the movement of Tommy Hawk and the other will control where he is looking.  If you can find a control mode that you like, there are quite a few fine tuning adjustments that you can make to the controls.

Your first goal in playing this game should be to find the Spirit Bow.  Obtaining this bow has several advantages.  First and foremost, once you have obtained it, you cannot die.  That does not mean you are invincible, though.  You simply enter the spirit realm when you are out of life.  Here you can use your spirit bow to shoot spirits.  These spirits will help you regain your physical and spiritual strength.  The Spirit Bow also allows you to spirit walk.  When spirit walking, you can leave your body behind and explore areas of the level just ahead without getting hurt.  You may even be able to do things in this state that you cannot do in your body.

Prey Invasion for me was very confusing.  There is no real tutorial.  So, you are mostly on your own in figuring out how to play the game.   The “help” section of the menu does shed some light on a few things, though.  I would recommend checking it out before you begin playing.  It explains a little about your quest and about the many options for controls.  Also, much of the landscape in the game looks the same.  It was hard for me to find my way around.  The addition of a compass to show you where you have been and where you are going would be very helpful. With a few simple tweaks, Prey Invasion could be a lot of fun.

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