App Review: Ranch Rush by FreshGames, LLC

ranchrush7 150x150 App Review: Ranch Rush by FreshGames, LLCSara has her dream job working for a plant nursery. Then one day she learns that her boss Jim might have to sell the nursery to a bunch of developers because he can no longer afford to keep it.  Sara comes up with a plan to save the nursery.  Using three acres of land and a lot of hard work, she must earn enough money to save the nursery and her job in just 8 weeks.  Your job is to guide Sara through this process and help her accomplish her task.

Ranch Rush by FreshGames, LLC is a well designed task management app based on the computer game of the same name.  This app is in the same class with such popular games as Sally’s Spa and Supermarket Mania.  When you begin your farmer’s market, the orders are small and easy to fill in the alloted time, especially since your only choice at first is to play in novice mode.  After you survive the first few weeks of the farmer’s market, you can unlock expert mode..  The app will guide you through the steps of buying seed and soil and planting the crops.  It will prompt you when it is time to start buying cows for milk, sheep for wool, and bees for honey, and it will teach you how to take care of them.  The guidance from the app was just the right amount of help.  I was never left wondering what to do next.

After you get your crops planted, you must wait for them to grow before they can be harvested.  When they are ready, you will be able to see the ripe crop.  To line up the tasks of grabbing crates, harvesting the crop, and taking it to the barn, tap on each task in order.  Each time you tap on a task, a check mark will appear in that spot.  Sara will then perform the tasks in the order that you tapped them.  You can acctually line up quite a few tasks, which was very helpful in filling orders quickly.  Because this app places check marks instead of numbers like many others like it, you have to keep tabs on what is going on a little more closly.  If you decide you want to change the order, you can do a two finger tap anywhere on the screen to clear all the check marks.

While you are rushing about harvesting crops and feeding animals, keep an eye on the timer at the bottom of the screen.  The inside of the timer shows in red how much of your time has elapsed.  One the outside of the timer in green, the timer shows your progress in filling the order.  I found that a quick glance to see if my progress was ahead of the timer, was extremely helpful.  If the timer was ahead of my progress, I knew I was in trouble.

Another helpful feature of this app is the tips section, which can be accessed a the beginning of each day when you look at the order for the day.  These tips help you understand a lot of the strategies that you must use to fulfill all the orders.  It tells you that some crops grow much more slowly than others.  So, you should harvest them first so that they can grow more and you won’t be left waiting on them to fill your order.  It also warns you that bees will try to protect their honey at all costs and advises you on how to get the honey without getting stung.  I would recommend scrolling through the tips section.  It only takes a second and will help you out a lot.

Ranch Rush is a great app.  The graphics are good, the game play is entertaining and challenging, and with over 80 levels, it is sure to provide hours of fun.

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