App Review: Rope’n'Fly by HiB

by Dorothy   on July 23, 2009
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ropenfly3 150x150 App Review: RopenFly by HiBHave you ever watched the way Spider-Man can swing from building to building and wished that you could do the same?  Until you fully develop your super powers, we don’t recommend trying it.  However, there is now an app for your iPhone that lets you practice your rope swinging skills.  Rope’n'Fly by HiB is a simple game with basic graphics.  However, in playing the game, you will soon discover that Spider-Man’s skills are nothing to balk at.

There are three levels of gameplay; training, normal, and hard.  I would recommend starting with the training level.  At this level there are lots of tall buildings to swing from.  You cannot get a high score playing in this mode, but it is good for getting a feel for the game.  As the difficulty increases, the buildings get farther apart and some of them are quite short, which makes them much more difficult to use.

The object of the game is to cover as much horizontal distance as you can without falling or crashing into the ground.  When you start a level, you are falling from the sky.  Simply tap on a building to throw a rope at it.  The rope will attach at the level that you tap.  You will then swing forward on the length of rope that you threw.  If the rope is too long, you will hit the ground.  So, you want to throw it as high as you can without throwing it too far.  Then, tap the screen anywhere to release the rope.  If you let go at the right moment, you can actually fly quite a distance without the rope.  As with many other games, there are online leaderboards that you can choose to upload your scores to.

In the time that I spent playing the game, I found it to be somewhat frustrating.  I often had a hard time controlling the length of the rope, and with the buildings far apart, it was hard to keep the rope short enough to keep me off the ground for long.  The physics of the game, on the other hand, are actually quite good and seemed to simulate motion well.  However, from time to time I would get stuck hanging on the forward side of a building with no momentum.  My only choice was to drop to the ground and break into itty bitty pieces.  It seemed to me that gravity should keep me swinging even if it is backwards.  Also,It would also be nice to see the graphics improved somewhat.  That having been said, I can see the game being addicting as you try again and again to get a better score than the last time.  Not a bad game for $0.99.

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