App Review: Sevens by Nigel Hanbury

sevens1 150x149 App Review: Sevens by Nigel HanburyPuzzles lovers everywhere are going to love the new puzzle app, Sevens by Nigel Hanbury.  This Sudoku inspired game will hone your logic and problem solving skills and then push them to their limits.  In Sudoku, you must place the numbers 1-9 in columns and rows such that the numbers only appear once in each row and column.  Sevens takes this idea one step further.  You must place the numbers 1-7 in rows and columns.  However, the squares that you place the numbers in are now color-coded too.  Each number must appear only once in each row, column, and color group.  This third criteria for placing numbers seemed to make the game much easier at first by providing more information to use in determining the placement of each number.  However, because you do have this added help, the harder levels seemed to be that much harder.  The app can get away with giving you a very few numbers on the board to begin with.

There are three levels of gameplay (easy, intermediate, and professional).  Each one of these levels contains 200 different puzzles.  Let’s just say you won’t run out of puzzles to solve anytime soon, which is a big bonus in my mind.  As soon as the app pulls up a puzzle, the timer is started.  The pressure is on to complete the puzzle in the shortest time possible.  The app has a stats section that keeps track of the fastest time for completing a puzzle at each difficulty level.  I was surprised by how long some of the levels took me to solve.  If you do have to exit the game before you complete the puzzle, the app will save it just where you left off and pause the timer.  Time resumes when you pull the puzzle up again.

To place a number on the board, tap on the square that you want to place it in.  That will place a question mark in the square.  Then, tap the number at the bottom of the screen that you want in the square.  To remove numbers that may be wrong, simply tap on them and the square will revert back to a question mark.  When you tap on another square, the question mark will disappear, leaving the square blank again.  If you fill all the squares, but have a mistake somewhere, the app will tell you that your solution is not correct.  It is then up to you to find the problem.

The only flaw that I found with the game is that I could not find a way to go back an replay levels that you have played before.  There is a button that allows you to skip to the next level if you are frustrated with the one that you are on.  Likewise, I could not figure out how to go back and play the ones that I skipped.  Maybe if you cycle through all 200 puzzles, you can end up back at the beginning.  Regardless, Sevens is a great puzzle app, that works well and has great replay value.

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