App Review: Supermarket Mania by G5 Entertainment

by Dorothy   on July 3, 2009
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supermarketmania1 150x150 App Review: Supermarket Mania by G5 EntertainmentSupermarket Mania is another good time-management game.  You are Nikki.  You work for a supermarket and your job is to keep the shelves stocked and the store clean so that customers will stay and do their shopping.  All over town, robots are replacing people in all the shops.  You must prove to your boss that you can do the job at least as well as a robot, hopefully better.  Otherwise, your job might be the next to get handed over to a robot.

The controls are simple, but it is not so easy to keep up with the demands of customers.  The first job to be done when the supermarket opens is stocking the shelves.  Tap on each shelf to stock it with food from your cart.  Your cart only holds enough food to stock 3-4 shelves, though.  When your cart is empty, you must tap on the storehouse to refill it.  As customers pull things off the shelves and buy them, you must make sure that they get restocked.  Customers can get impatient very quickly when the shelves are empty.  You can see how they are feeling by the face bubble above their head.  You can also see what products your customers are looking for displayed in a bubble above their head.  These bubbles can give you the heads up on what things are going to need restocking first.

As you advance through the game, you will be given different customers.  Some of them can be especially difficult to deal with.  Enter Mr. Barefist.  Mr. Barefist is your supermarket security guard.  When the teenagers start jumping around and throwing things on the floor, you can tap on Mr. Barefist.  He will blow his whistle and get things back under control.  They are not the only customers to make a mess though.  From time to time, customers will drop garbage on the floor, which you must pick up and throw away in the garbage bin before another customer slips and falls.  This task in accomplished by tapping on the garbage and then the garbage bin.  Mr. Barefist is also the man to call if you find thieves in your store.  He can scare them away or catch them in the act of stealing so that you are not out the money for the products they stole.

At the end of each day, you can use the money that you earned to upgrade your shop.  These upgrades can help you work faster or provide you with better products that will bring in more money.  To earn a lot more money, you have a Super Shop mode at your disposal.  When you tap on the Super Shop icon, customers will buy whole shelves of anything they see in the store.  This mode only lasts a short time, but it gives you the potential to earn a lot more money.  However, it also makes your restocking job a lot more busy too.

Supermarket Mania is not as complex as some of the other time management apps I have played.  Yet, it is still challenging and keeps you on your toes.  It is an addicting game that is great for just about any age.

Supermarket Mania is $1.99 in the iTunes App Store.

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