App Review: Triazzle by Dreamship, Inc.

triazzle1 150x150 App Review: Triazzle by Dreamship, Inc.Triazzle is a wonderfully challenging puzzle app.  It takes the traditional puzzle and changes it into a brain teaser.  The puzzle pieces in Triazzle are all triangles.  Since the pieces all fit together by shape, you must determine which piece goes where by the visual clues alone.  These puzzles do not make a large picture when you are finished.  Instead, each side of each triangle has half of small picture such as a frog, turtle, or butterfly.  You must match up the pieces such that all of them match on all three sides.  There is more than one possibility when you are matching up only a few of the pieces, but there is only one solution that will match all of the pieces up correctly.  You must find that solution.  The good news is that there is no time limit.  You can take all the time you need to solve the puzzle.  Most importantly, though, you can ask for help.  Help comes in the form of hints.  Use them wisely.  You have a limited number of hints per puzzle.  The harder the puzzle, the less hints you get.

There are four difficulty levels in Triazzle.  The first is a kids mode, which I thought was a great addition to the game.  The kids games have simpler graphics, solutions, and offer unlimited hints.  You can choose a game at whatever difficulty you wish, or you can tap on the question mark.  This button will choose a level for you at random.  After you choose your level, you choose whether you want a 9 or 16 piece puzzle. If you choose a 16 piece puzzle, your extra pieces will be placed in what they call docks.  These are holders on the sides of the screen that hold the extra pieces at a smaller size so that they can all fit on the screen.  Unfortunately, it is hard to see the picture detail with the smaller pieces.  When possible, it is good to get the pieces moved ontot he board or the background and get rid of the docks by double tapping on the screen.  You can bring back the docks if you need them in the same way.

When the puzzle comes up, you will have blank spaces on the board for each piece.  Along both sides, you have the other half of each picture that buts up against the side of the puzzle.  These pictures are the only clues that you get as to where the pieces go.  I preferred to start with the corners, as you have an idea of what should be on two sides of those pieces.  To place pieces on the board, simply tap and drag them to where you want them to be and then tap them to rotate them.  If the pictures on the piece are matched up correctly, the pictures will become animated.  When the pictures on all three sides are matched correctly, the piece will flicker and a sound will play.  One very important thing to note, however, is that these animations and sounds do not mean that the pieces are in the correct spot on the board or next to each other.  It simply means that the two pictures match.  There is almost always more than one way to match the pieces up.

If you get really stuck on a puzzle, you have a couple of options.  You can use one of your hints or use the “shake to solve” function.  At the top of the screen is a hints button and next to it are lights to indicate how many hints you have left.  To use a hint, tap on the hints button and then tap on a triangle on the board.  The app will then show you the correct piece for that spot.  Using a hint is really the only way to find out if a piece is really correct.  When you decide you have had enough frustration, you can give your iPhone or iPod a good shake until you hear thunder, and the app will give you the solution to the puzzle.  All in all, I found the puzzles very challenging, especially on level 3, but did not run into the need to use the shake to solve.  That is not to say I never will, but I haven’t had to yet.

I only have one simple complaint about the app.  While you are trying to solve the puzzles, there are little frogs that jump across the screen at random.  I found these frogs somewhat distracting and bothersome.  Other than that, Triazzle is a great puzzle app for all who like a challenge.

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3 Responses to “App Review: Triazzle by Dreamship, Inc.”
  1. Barb Beall says:

    I played Triazzle way back in the beginning of time when it first was available for pc.I loved the game, as did my 2(then small)children. I kept that original game on every pc/laptop I’ve had until recently as my laptop crashed. I can’t find the old game anymore unfortunately so was hoping a Nook Color app would be available but no :-(
    I hope you are thinking of developing such an app. We can’t all afford iphones/ipads. I’ll gladly be a tester for you whenever the Nook App is ready.
    I will try out the T Island for PC which I’m sure will be tons of fun but just not as portable as a Nook….Thanks from a long time fan. Keep up the great work!


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