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by Rob   on August 16, 2009
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l 319 319 57eb2164 643a 42a9 9bf1 f0cd18eaf60d 150x150 App Review: circuit ( by chillingoIf you’re a fan of the classic game Asteriods from the 80’s, but you’ve been looking for an updated version then look no further. is a great line-art, space shooter game that will have you asking for more. I’ve been playing off and on for a couple of weeks now and every time I play it I learn something new of the game. The game is intriguing with cool graphics and upbeat music that keeps you going.

Like Asteroids, you are a small space ship and you fly around shooting the objects that come at you. There are several of them, even some that will shoot back at you. The main idea of cs:one is to score as many points as you can. You have three lives, once you’ve lost them all the game is over. Each level is a large, open area divided into cells. You can cross from cell to cell. Your enemies are scattered all around each cell. There are no boundaries so you can keep flying and shooting up the enemies. To move on to the next level, you must destroy the power supplies which are generating the shields that protect the data.core. After you have eliminated all of the power supplies the shields will drop and you will have 30 seconds to destroy the data core. Destroying the data core progresses the game forward.

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There are three different types of controls: easy, dual stick and advanced. The easy controls are pretty much exactly like the classic game Asteroids. You have acceleration, fire and a thumb-pad for direction. Dual stick gives you two thumb pads, one for direction of movement the other for direction of fire. Advanced is the hardest to get used to. Other than fire and thrust, the direction change control could be anywhere on the left of the screen – it’s all relative to the first touch of your left thumb. From there you simply move it left or right to steer. Of the three different types of controls I found the dual stick to be the best, since it allowed me to fly in one direction while shooting in another. Also, shake your device to active slow motion mode to give you an extra edge over the enemy. has excellent music integration. When you start up the game you can select either iPod or as your music. Selecting iPod allows you to pick some of your own music that you have loaded (Breath, by Nickelback worked well!). However, the music included with cs:one is excellent. It is upbeat and keeps you jazzed, it is also nicely integrated into the game (slows when the time slows, etc). I’d recommend you play the first few games with the cs:one music before moving to your own, it’s just a better game experience.

I have a couple of complaints with cs:one. For starters, you must read the instructions to really know what you are supposed to do in the game. Yeah, I know, this isn’t much of a complaint but how often do people really read instruction? Hardly ever. The graphics, while excellent, need some improvement. It is quite difficult to see the laser that you shoot, so it is often hard to track which direction you are shooting. is a great space shooter game with excellent line-art graphics. I love the music integration that keeps you pumped and going after the enemy. I’d recommend to anyone looking for a game that gives you a lot of action in a short period of time. Whether you’re looking for an action game for those periodic gaming moments or something you can play for an extended period cs:one can fill the need.

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  1. Sascha says: is really really good. i can recommend it to anyone looking for a great shooter on the iPhone!


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