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by Rob   on August 19, 2009
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gpush4 100x150 App Review: GPush by Tiverias Apps

GPush by Tiverias Apps was heavily hyped in the tech blog world a couple of weeks back. However, if you, like us, tried to get it, you were out of luck. Even with all the hype, the app was not available in the App Store. That was because upon release the developers discovered that their servers weren’t quite up to the task. The app was pulled and the developers went to work on server improvements. Today, the app became available once again and, like many of you, we decided to give it a try. Our results were not as good as we had hoped.

Upon launching the app, you are immediately greeted with the request to use your location. I hate this. Apps that don’t need to know my location shouldn’t include it. This is typically caused by tracking software by one of the app tracking solutions out there. Either way, tracking my location with a push notification app is a little extreme. So, I always deny these requests. After the location modal is dismissed, you can enter your GMail credentials. Here’s the next gotcha. GPush supports one GMail account. That’s it. So if you’re planning to track multiple accounts look elsewhere.

gpush1 100x150 App Review: GPush by Tiverias AppsAfter you enter your credentials your account is registered with the GPush service (servers). That’s it. There is no other function to the app other than to register your credentials and device with the service. Now, sit back and wait for emails.

I received multiple emails during the course of the day today. For each of them I received the typical notification from the GPush did not notify me of any of them. Not a good sign. Nothing appears to be happening, and reinstalling the app didn’t resolve this problem. However, it does appear as though Tiverias Apps is aware of the issue. How could they not be? A message on their site today reads in part:

We understand that an app designed to notify users of email, if not working properly, can be quite obtrusive.

It’s not often we give negative reviews on apps here at AppChatter. In fact, if an app isn’t worthy of a review we just take a pass on it, since our time is short and people want to know what is good out there in the App Store. However, in this case, I am making an exception to this rule because this app has received so much press lately and has fallen flat on its face. Seriously, if you’re looking for push notifications for your GMail account, this is not your answer. It will only frustrate you and will not give you the experience you are looking for. For a buck spend your money on Pocket God if you don’t yet have it (it’s a much better experience for your money!).

The one glimmer of hope that we have that GPush will be what we all want is the statement on Tiverias Apps website, which reads:

Our goal is to solve the problems people face with email notification on the iPhone. This includes ensuring GPush works as seamlessly as the iPhone allows, as well as making regular updates to the application based on the requests and reactions of our user base.

With any luck, Tiverias will achieve that goal in the near future.


2 Responses to “App Review: GPush by Tiverias Apps”
  1. Grant Huntington says:

    Thank you for this, but I disagree with the review. I installed this app last Thursday (August 27) when I got my new 3GS. I’ve tested it many times and it always gives me notification within 10 seconds of sending myself an email from another account. It does exactly what it says, for me, it will and it’s well worth my 99c.

    I don’t understand your screenshots, in the third one you have fetching turned on for all 3 of your gmail accounts. The second one is correct, and if this is how you have it set up you shouldn’t have “received the typical notification from the” like you said you did.

  2. Rob says:


    I’ve had this app installed since it was made available (about two weeks after launch). I get about 50 emails a day and this app notifies me on about 3 per day (not even a stretch either).

    I am glad that it is working for you, or in your limited testing it has worked. However, my experience on this app is that it is very hit and miss and definitely NOT reliable.

    I wrote a how-to on forwarding email to Yahoo!, since Yahoo! has TRUE push email delivery to your phone. For some reason those screens made their way onto this review, so I removed them. Sorry for the confusion. However, if anyone is looking for a FREE and RELIABLE way to get email notifications, check out the how-to.


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