App Review: Moto X Mayhem by Occamy Games, with Tips

by Rob   on August 8, 2009
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l 239 239 6aa082d8 3464 4dd8 b79b 52ddb76e7bcf 150x150 App Review: Moto X Mayhem by Occamy Games, with TipsWith an introductory price of $.99 Occamy Games brings a great new physics and motocross game Moto X Mayhem.  If you’re into physics games or motocross then look no further than Moto X Mayhem.

When you start Moto X you are given a menu for Play, Practice, How to Play, High Scores and Options.  The game is pretty straight forward to play, although it does take considerable practice to master the bike and perform tricks (flips) while riding.  Press the right side of the screen to accelerate, the left side to slow (never used it) and then tild your device to lean forward or backward on the bike.  You can also adjust things like tilt sensitivity (leaning forward/backward), and sound effect volumes under the options menu.

The main trick of the game is learning how to lean and when to accelerate.  Leaning too far forward or backward and you’ll assuredly wind up in a wreck.  However, getting the knack of this action is also what makes the game fun and enjoyable as it opens you up to tricks as you jump over the terrain.  This is also where the bulk of the challenge of the game is because when the terrain changes you must know how to lean in order to effectively navigate over it.  Leaning backward while jumping can also allow to do a back flip, likewise, leaning forward and you can go all the way around on certain jumps as well.

The game has seven stages (levels) that you play through.  Besting your times is what it is all about as you can rank against others that are also playing the game.  You can also view other players’ scores within the app.  The main motivation to keep playing is to keep getting faster.  However I found that I enjoyed getting better at tricks and flips that just blasting through the levels as fast as I could.

In essence, Moto X Mayhem is a fun and addicting motocross racing game that will have you coming back for more.  My one complaint is that there are only seven levels and you can complete them all fairly quickly. However, once you get familiar with the levels you can practice them and keep getting faster and thus ranking on the global score board.  For $.99 Moto X Mayhem is a no-brainer and will likely do well as it climbs the charts on the iTunes App Store.

Tips and Tricks

  1. I found that the tilt sensitivity was too high, luckily this was adjustable in the Options menu screen.  If you find yourself always flipping over then turn this down.
  2. The goal is to be fast, but I found it more entertaining to learn to do flips (forward and backward).  This takes some practice and you will certainly land on your head many times before perfecting it.  No worries, just keep practicing.
  3. You only have 5 lives, once you’ve used them all up you will start at the beginning of the 7 levels.  However, the levels are short and once you get good at them you can navigate them all pretty quickly and easily.

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  1. games says:

    This motor max is just awesome , it is easy to play and want again and again tats jus cool.


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