App Review: ORBITAL by bitforge Ltd.

by Dorothy   on August 29, 2009
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orbital7 150x150 App Review: ORBITAL by bitforge Ltd.ORBITAL is a unique strategy game.  The goal of the game is to earn points by destroying the orbs on the screen.  The problem is that the only tool you have to destroy the orbs is a cannon that shoots orbs.  So, each time you shoot at the other orbs, you create another orb in the process.  To add to the difficulty, each orb must be hit 3 times to be destroyed.  The number of hits remaining is shown by the number inside the orb.

There are three major rules governing the game.  First, orbs will expand until they hit something.  Each orb that you shoot from your cannon will eventually stop moving and come to rest on a spot on the screen.  Immediately, it will expand to fill the space available until it hits either the side of the screen or another orb.  Second, if the orb you shoot bounces off of something and hits the death line above your cannon, the game is over.  Third, destroy orbs by hitting each one 3 times.  Only one point is awarded for each orb destroyed.  it takes some careful planning and manipulating to destroy the orbs on the screen without hitting the death line.

The first time I played the game, I was kind of lost.  I sat and waited for the first orbs to appear so that I could shoot them.  Oops!  If you wait, they will never come.  You create the orbs by shooting them out of your cannon.  Then, you try to destroy them.  To fire an orb from the cannon, simply tap on the screen when the cannon is pointed in the desired direction.  It takes a few games before you figure out what is the best way to set up your game.

There are two modes of game play; gravity and pure mode.  The look exactly the same, but behave quite differently.  In gravity mode, each orb that is created on the screen has a field of gravity much the way a planet in space would.  Larger orbs exert more force than smaller ones.  This gravity can change the trajectory of your future shots and can even make shots hit the orbs.  In most cases, the gravity works to your benefit.  In pure mode, there is no gravity.  Your shots simply travel in straight lines, bouncing off objects in their way.

Since only one point is awarded for each orb that you manage to hit 3 times, scores are a lot lower in this game than in many others.  My first few games yielded only single digit scores.  With a little practice, though, you can quickly improve your score and compete online with your friends.  ORBITAL is a unique and challenging game of strategy that will keep you coming back for more.

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