App Review: Puzzlings by Sonic BOOM, Inc.

by Dorothy   on August 17, 2009
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puzzlings2 150x150 App Review: Puzzlings by Sonic BOOM, Inc.Puzzlings is an intriguing game that combines fashion and creativity with puzzles.  The app takes you to a world called Wardrobia.  In Wardrobia, everything is the same.  The world is covered in clouds and everything is gray.  The Puzzlings who live in Wardrobia don’t see much point in getting dressed or leaving the house, so they sit around all day on their computers.  (A little jab at our society?)  Then one night, one of the Puzzlings had a strange dream in which he saw 8 enchanted talismans hidden across a strange land full of color and sunlight.  For the first time ever, your Puzzling desires to get dressed and go exploring.  He wants to be unique and different.  Your job, after you name this brave Puzzling, is to take him or her on a journey to find the talismans that he saw in his dream.  On the way, you can collect new clothes, accessories, or even skins for your Puzzling to wear.

You start in the Puzzling’s home.  There are several objects that you can tap on to bring up information or things to do.  Tapping on the help button in the lower left will give you more information about each option.  The wardrobe allows you to access all of the clothes and accessories that you have picked up.  Here you can change your Puzzling’s appearance.  You can sift through items and even change their color.  The computer allows you to browse your game play stats.  The camera lets you take pictures of your Puzzling all dressed up.  Tap on your Puzzling to make him assume different poses for the picture.  You can also flip through multiple different backgrounds until you find one that you like.  Pictures that you take are saved to your camera roll.  They can be emailed or uploaded to Facebook or Flickr.   The door leads to Wardrobia.  Exit the door to explore the world and search for talismans.

When you enter Wardrobia, you will find most of it shrouded in clouds.  Tap on a star to go to a level or tap on the Puzzling’s house to go back home.  The rules and goals of each level are simple.  Match 3 or more blocks of the same color to remove them from the board, as you do in games such as Bejeweled.  The difference is that you have more ways to move pieces in this app.  You can move blocks more than one space at a time, and you can move them even if the move does not result in an immediate match.  To flip blocks, drag your finger along the line that you wish to switch the blocks in.  Rotate blocks by selecting a square of four blocks.  The blocks will then begin to rotate around the center.  Tap on the set when they are where you want them to be.  If you change your mind and want to cancel your selection, tap the screen with two fingers.

Removing blocks fills up the constantly falling combometer at the top of the screen.  If the combometer ever gets to zero, you lose.  If you fill it fast enough, you get a speed bonus at the end of the level.  When the combometer is full, pieces of a special item block will appear.  During the time that these special item pieces are on the board, the combometer will fall faster.  You want to get them matched up and removed as quickly as possible.  Each special item block you remove gives you an item for your Puzzlings wardrobe.  Remove 2 of these special item blocks to complete the level.  As you progress through the levels, more levels are uncovered and more block colors are added.

Every so often, you will run into a level that is a little different from the others.  These levels are called puzzle house levels.  The goal on these levels is to remove all the blocks in as few moves as possible.  The number of total moves allowed is represented on the combometer at the top.  Each time you make a move, the combometer drops.  If you run out of moves, you must try the level again.  If you complete the level without running out of moves, you will be given a bronze, silver, or gold medal depending on how many moves you did use.  Gold and silver awards earn you items and bonus points.   Bronze medals earn only points.

Puzzlings is a fun combination of game play and creative fashion.  It is sure to provide hours of fun as you earn items and customize your Puzzling.  It was a little too easy for me, but would be great for the younger crowd.

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