App Review: Ricky by Nabil Chatbi

by Dorothy   on August 18, 2009
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ricky1 150x150 App Review: Ricky by Nabil ChatbiSuper Mario Brothers was an amazing hit when it was released for Nintendo.  The characters have since been used in several other games and are still very popular with kids today.  Ricky by Nabil Chatbi has certainly borrowed much of its design from the Mario Brothers, although in my opinion pales by comparison.

The game starts by introducing you to the story behind the game. Unfortunately, the story is not well written.  I could not figure out exactly what was going on.  What I did learn from it is that Ricky is on a quest to find his long lost older brother Parry.  Good enough.  The controls for the game are fairly simple and easy to use.  The left and right buttons in the lower left of the screen control your direction.  The up button on the right makes you jump.

Next, you are brought to the map of the levels.  At first, only the first level is unlocked.  To play a level, double tap on the blue mushroom.  (A single tap will not do it.)  The goal of each level is simply to make your way to the door at the end of the level.  You can kill enemies in your way by jumping on them.  There are a few that will kill you no matter what you do.  These are best avoided.  There are also stars for you to collect along the way.  As in the Super Mario Brothers games, there are often multiple paths that you can take.  There are tubes that you can go through.  You do not have a down button that you can use to go down.  Instead, those tubes that you can go down will let you fall through as soon as you land on them.  So, watch out.  Sometimes they catch you off your guard.

My biggest complaint with this game is that you can only get hit once by an enemy before you die and have to go back to the beginning of the level.  It would be nice to have a life bar that lets you take a few hits before you die or have check points that you can return to when you get hit.  Overall, Ricky is a decent game for $0.99.  However, because it is so similar to the Mario Brothers Games, it is naturally compared with them and unfortunately falls short.

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