App Review: The Wars by with Tips

by Bret   on August 11, 2009
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thewars3 150x150 App Review: The Wars by with TipsThe Wars by is an awesome game that will have you addicted for days. The goal of the game is to take out your enemy’s base. That seems simple enough, but what about when they are stronger, they have more money, and they have turrets.  It gets a little more difficult.

You begin the game with 150 gold pieces, no experience, and very low tech cavemen. Your base is positioned on the left side of the screen. To get warriors, you must buy them with your gold. For every enemy that your warriors kill, they get the money that the enemy was worth. So if a club holder is killed, the team that killed him would receive 15 gold pieces because that is how much gold it cost to buy him. Besides the ability to just buy men, you can buy turrets and additional turret stands. When you buy a warrior, they exit your base and head towards the enemy’s base.  If an enemy comes between your warrior and their base, he will attack them until he dies or until the enemy dies.

Every so often the enemies will destroy you and cause you to run out of money. In these situations, you must use your special weapon. The special weapon is a powerful attack that devastates your enemy’s warriors.  It is an attack the moves across the whole screen and hits enemies at random. This attack does not necessarily kill every enemy, but it can help turn the tables in your favor. The special attack does not cost money, but it does take a long time to reload. The turrets can also be a miracle during devastating times. It fires continuously once the enemies are in range until they are killed. Turrets are very expensive and can be very useful when the game gets tough. After you kill a lot of enemies, your base will be able to be upgraded. First you start with a caveman cave, then you move to a castle, and eventually you have nuclear robots. Just be sure to watch for the meter next to your money to blink with a small exclamation point.  This exclamation let’s you know you are ready to upgrade.

There are 3 levels of difficulty.  Each is fun to play and play again. With most games, once you beat an easy level it is no longer fun. I like to play on the easy level to see how bad I can devastate my enemy. The hard difficulty is harder in the sense that your enemies can kill you faster than you can kill them, and they begin to be more strategic in their attacks.

The Wars is a perfect remake of the online version I used to love. The graphics are great and the game play is smooth. I would recommend this game to anyone. For only a dollar, it is a steal. An update is on the way to offer ten difficult game levels and more defensive weapons. One thing I would very strongly suggest to the developer is to make a multiplayer mode over WiFi and Bluetooth.  A multiplayer mode would be very fun and add a lot of possibilities for long car rides.

The Wars Tips:

  1. The most important thing I have learned is to save your money. It looks tempting to buy the shiny turret, but after one upgrade, these turrets have no affect on your enemies.
  2. Place warriors that can throw things behind direct contact warriors. Warriors that throw things have weak armor and can easily be destroyed, but they blow a punch with every throw.
  3. Upgrade as soon as possible. This will make you substantially stronger than your enemy if only for a minute or two.

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