App Review: Where To? – GPS Points of Interest by FutureTap

by Rob   on August 24, 2009
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Ever been out and wondered what was around you? Ever looked for an easy selection of nearby Mexican restaurants? Need to find a park or post office close by? Well, Where To? GPS Points of Interest by FutureTap answers these questions in a nice and elegant way. I’ve been using Where To? now for a few days and found the app to be well polished, full of data and very easy to use.

When you start the app you are presented with a dial of symbols. Each symbol is for a different type of POI (point of interest) that may be near you. Touch it and you are given a list to help narrow the search results. So, for example, if you touch ‘restaurants’ on the dial, the next screen will give you a list of different types of restaurants (eg: Mexican, Italian, etc). Once you select the type then you are taken to a Google map that plots everything that matches the criteria that is around you.

whereto3 200x300 App Review: Where To?   GPS Points of Interest by FutureTapwhereto4 200x300 App Review: Where To?   GPS Points of Interest by FutureTap

In our area, Salt Lake City to Provo, UT, we found that the app worked pretty well. Everything we searched for was plotted on the map and as we cross referenced that with what we knew to be out there it had all the results (and then some) of what we were expecting. However, it seems as though the app is picking up too many results. When I searched under Attractions > Zoos the app also listed the morning radio station “Z-Morning Zoo on ZHT 94.9FM.”  This was pretty common, to get results that didn’t quite match the intended search.  It would appear as though the app is searching for anything with “zoo” in the title.  This behavior was present for nearly every search that we did.

We also ran the same searches within the Maps application, since afterall, the Google Maps app can pinpoint points of interest around you as well. The two results were very similar except the Google Maps app would not give the “extra” results, just what one would expect. This lead us to conclude that Where To? doesn’t offer much over the already included Maps app other than a nicer, easier to use user interface.

The price as tested was $0.99.  However, according to the listing that is on sale from $2.99.  So my recommendation is that if you’re used to using the Maps app than stick with it but if you like nice user interfaces then at $0.99 you can’t go wrong.  However, we don’t feel the app is worth it’s regular $2.99 price tag since you already have this functionality on your device.


  1. The app by default uses your current location and plots POI’s around you.  If you want to find POI’s in a different location: search for a POI around you > go to the maps > then use the search icon at the top.  Enter your new location (Say, Boston, MA). The map will now show you POI’s around Boston.  To go back home, touch the GPS location button.
  2. You may want to experiment between the Maps application and Where To? to find which one has the results that you trust the most, and then use that app going forward.
  3. Holding your finger on the dial will allow you to read what each symbol means.

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