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App Review: Battle Bears by StoryBoy

by Dorothy   on September 9, 2009
Filed under Daily App Reviews, Entertainment, Games

battlebears1 150x150 App Review: Battle Bears by StoryBoyDo cute and violent really go together?  Not usually.  Battle Bears by StoryBoy manages to mix the two seemingly contradictory terms.  You are Oliver, a bear stuck behind enemy lines.  The enemy, in this case, are cute cuddly teddy bears.  Their goal is to hug Oliver to death.  Oliver must shoot the bears to keep from getting attacked.  Sounds a little crazy, but the game is well made and quite addicting.

The controls are surprisingly simple and easy to use.  To aim your gun and scan the horizon for approaching bears tap and drag your thumb around the screen.  This control works similar to a D-Pad.  The advantage is that your finger does not have to stay within the confines of the D-Pad area on the screen.  You can place your finger anywhere on the screen and move it around to control the game.  With your other thumb tap somewhere else on the screen to shoot or hold down your finger to rapid fire.

Oliver starts with only a unicorn crossbow.  As the game progresses, he gets more weapons that include a bearzooka that shoots bear legs and arms and a swearaphone that stuns your attackers when you swear at them through it.  To switch weapons, tap on the icon in the upper left corner of the screen.  You don’t ever really run out of ammo, but you will need to reload from time to time.  You can force a reload by holding down the weapon change button in the upper left.  Otherwise, Oliver will reload when he needs to, but it may not happen at the best time and can keep you from shooting for a few seconds.

Battle Bears is a unique game that fights against all that is cuddly and cute in the world.

Developer’s Website:


3 Responses to “App Review: Battle Bears by StoryBoy”
  1. Arnold L. says:

    It’s a pretty cool game. The videos in between levels is hilarious. For .99 it’s a great deal.

  2. iPhonePapa says:

    One of the Best Apps I’ve ever downloaded! 5 STARS!!! Definitely a great deal!

  3. Cody says:

    We just reviewed Battle Bears version 1.5 on our site. They have added so much since version 1 , it’s almost like half of a new game (thus the .5) Check out the review.


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