App Review: Bunny Breeder by Jeffrey Yim

by luke   on September 30, 2009
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bunny breeder1 300x200 App Review: Bunny Breeder by Jeffrey YimIt’s not often I find an app as easy to pick up and play as Bunny Breeder. Though the title made me think it was a tycoon, I soon discovered otherwise. The object of the game is to try to guide these fluffy bunnies back to their home. Sounds easy? It is at first. As I tapped play, I was faced with a bird’s eye view of a pen of sorts, containing the rabbits. Now, being as enthusiastic as I am, I went ahead and tried to work out the controls myself. As I soon realized, I should have paid more attention to the “how to play” button on the menu screen, the layout of which is quite stylish. Anyway, as I flipped through the slide show of instructions, I realized – “Wow, this game has a lot of potential.”

It is very well thought out, and, I discovered, does bear a reference to the title. For, once all of the bunnies are back in the hole, it’s game over! So how do you get more bunnies? That’s right, you breed them. Dragging to bunnies towards each other will bring up some love hearts for a few seconds, and then out comes a new bunny! If they mate again, however, you get a different colored bunny. This goes on a couple more times, until you get the golden bunny! Different colored bunnies are worth more points if you get them safely back to the hole. Still sounds pretty easy? It is, until the foxes start coming. These nasty creatures will snatch your precious bunnies, costing you points. How to avoid them? Simple. At the beginning of the game, you have two rabbits… and a cow. As hinted in the instructions screen, foxes can’t run under these fatties, so be sure to drag them in the way of the fox to save your bunnies!

All in all, I would give this application a 3-4 stars for cute graphics, a nicely thought out objective with a hidden twist, and for keeping in the $0.99 price range. As in every review though, I must include some bad points. At first, I couldn’t make sense of the objective, but that was swiftly taken care of by the how to play menu. A cow? Sorry, but I think foxes could definitely run under that! Lastly, the app crashed on my first play, but after restarting my iPod Touch, I haven’t had an error since; so if you do buy this, make sure to restart your device after installation.

Luke (ALPH4BR4V0) is a new contributor here at AppChatter who replied to our Help Wanted post from a couple of weeks ago.


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  1. Jeff says:

    Thanks for the encouraging review luke :) .


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