App Review: Dirt Moto Racing by Resolution Interactive

by Rob   on September 7, 2009
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dirtmotoracing6 300x200 App Review: Dirt Moto Racing by Resolution InteractiveI’m a fan of racing games just as much as the next guy. So when Dirt Moto Racing hit the app store back in July I decided to give it a go. Dirt Moto Racing by Resolution Interactive is an off road ATV style race game that delivers on graphics and overall game play. However, Dirt Moto Racing falls a little short in some of the finer details of the game. Read on to find out more.

When you first launch Dirt Moto Racing you quickly see that they didn’t skimp on quality graphics. The 3D effects are great and Resolution Interactive have done a great job in this regard.

There’s two different styles of games: Career and Single Event. Career games have you competing against other virtual riders. Under Career you have up to eight tours to choose from, however only one tour is unlocked when you first start playing. The other tours are unlocked by winning medals and advancing in the current tour. Once you select a tour you choose one of four event types. Event types are different on each tour so there’s a lot of different maps and game types to play. Enough to keep you going for hours.

Single Event type is when you are competing against the clock and not against opponents. Selecting single event gives you four event types and each of the event types has between four and 18 actual events to choose from. Like Career gameplay, most of the events and types are locked and must be unlocked by getting good race times.

Before entering any type of race you have the opportunity to “tune” your ATV. Here, depending on how many points you’ve earned, you can use the points to increase your top speed, improve your acceleration, steering, grip, shocks, brakes and lift. Once you’re done tuning your ATV, touch “Race” and you’re off.

Game play is fun and controls are easy and straight forward. You have a brake (touch left side) and acceleration (touch right side). Steering is done by tilting the device left or right. You also have a couple of other buttons that are only available while in-flight over a jump. These allow you to do tricks and enhance the game play. Tricks and powerslides get you more points and more points gets you more medals and unlocks more events. However, don’t forget, this is a race. So staying a head of the pack is essential.

I have just one complaint with Dirt Moto Racing. That is that the “Cool” button, which allows you to do tricks while jumping, etc, while cool is pretty hard to use. What I mean is that rarely can you do a trick (even easy ones) without falling off of your ATV or crashing. There are really very few times you can safely do a trick without ending up in a bad situation, yet the button lights up anytime the ATV leaves the ground. I found myself avoiding any type of tricks just because once you’ve fallen off a few dozen times it gets pretty old. The sensitivity in falling off is too high, IMO.

Dirt Moto Racing is currently on sale for $0.99. At that price it should be a no-brainer for race fans, especially if you like ATV or Motocross style racing. However, at $4.99 (the regular price) I’d suggest you read all the reviews and make sure it’s something you’d enjoy at that price point. With a lot of great racing games in the app store there’s a lot of good ones at the higher price.

What we liked: Graphics, easy controls and lots of events and maps. Game play is fun and enjoyable.
What we didn’t like: doing tricks is near-impossible. Some maps I didn’t care for.


  1. Use the “cool” button wisely. If you find you’re always falling off you need to make sure you’ve got a lot of air-time before touching it.
  2. Be sure to tune your ATV as you earn points. Giving yourself slightly better top speed or acceleration definitely gives you the edge over your opponents.
  3. Playing “Single Event” games will allow you to get better in controlling the ATV. However, Career events is where the fun is at racing against others. However, be careful as crashing into your opponent will likely kick you off your ATV and each time that occurs it costs you time.


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