App Review: Enigmo 2 by Pangea Software, Inc.

by Dorothy   on September 21, 2009
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enigmo21 125x125 App Review: Enigmo 2 by Pangea Software, Inc.If you liked the first Enigmo game, you are going to want to check out the new Enigmo 2 by Pangea Software, Inc.  The basics of the game are very similar.  The idea is to get the water droplets, plasma droplets, and laser beams into their corresponding containers using the few tools that are provided.  When all the containers in the puzzle reach 40, the puzzle is complete and you can move onto the next one.  The biggest difference in Enigmo 2 is that the game no longer operates in two dimensions.  It is now three dimensional.  The change makes the game look a whole lot cooler, but it also makes it a whole lot harder.

All of the controls for the game are touch controls.  Using one finger to touch and drag pans around the field of view.  The every popular two finger pinch zooms in.  Touching and dragging with two fingers rotates the view around the puzzle in 3D.  This two finger rotation took a little getting used to, but it is a vital tool in solving the 3D puzzles.  If you get yourself all turned around, you can always tap the reset view icon located on the right side of the screen.  It restores your view of the puzzle back to the original view.  The utility bar on the right side of the screen also contains other useful buttons including a undo/redo button, view reset button, rotation reset button, and a toggle grid button that aids in getting the right rotation on the pieces.

Available pieces to use to solve the puzzle are located at the bottom of the screen.  To place a piece on the puzzle, simply drag it to the desired location.  Once placed, the piece will have a rotation ring around it.  This rotation ring can be used to rotate the object in the plane that you are viewing it in.  Objects can be rotated in almost any direction by changing the view of the puzzle using the two finger touch and drag.  If you decide that a piece will not work as you anticipated, you can remove it from the screen by double tapping on it.

Playing Enigmo puzzles in 3D presents a whole new set of challenges and problems.  Lining up objects with lasers or water droplets can be hard.  To line things up easily, tap on the object that you want to line up your tool with before you drag the tool onto the screen.  Then, when you drag the object on, it will automatically line up with the object that you tapped.  This function works well and is extremely helpful.

Overall, I really enjoyed playing Enigmo 2.  The 3D graphics are amazing.  The puzzles do get quite difficult once you hit the 3D puzzles at level 8.  The only real drawback that I experienced is that I could not find a way to save my progress on a puzzle in the middle of it.  At the end of each puzzle, you are given the chance to save and exit, but if you exit the level suddenly, and then return to the puzzle, you have to start over.  Given that the levels are so challenging, it would be nice to be able to save your progress and come back to it later.  A minor problem for such a well made game.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Laser beams reflect off shiny surfaces.  Sometimes the puzzle itself has shiny surfaces that you can use to reflect the lasers off of instead of using one of your tools.
  • Remember that plasma is attracted to gravetoids the same way objects in space alter their path when they encounter another planets gravitational pull.  You can use this tool to alter the path that the plasma is taking.
  • Sometimes you have to hit a button to activate a water dropper or plasma dropper before you can proceed to solve the puzzle.
  • In some levels, there are shields around the container that you have to get things like water droplets into.  In this case, you must get the droplets to go through a ring to deactivate the shield before you can get the droplets into the container.

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