App Review: Underground by Chillingo and Kinelco

by Rob   on September 29, 2009
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underground chillingo15 300x200 App Review: Underground by Chillingo and Kinelco We originally reported the release of Underground a few weeks ago and it wasn’t long until Chillingo hooked us up for a full review. We are typically pretty excited to get apps from Chillingo as they are well-known for publishing awesome apps. Hoping that Underground would be in the same category, we dug right in. Read on for our take…

Underground is a scrolling shooter style game that takes place in the subway. You are a paint can that transforms into a ship, at least we think it’s a ship. You then shoot various enemies that come at you. When your enemies explode, they turn into graffiti on the side of the passing subway train that is your backdrop. Graffiti that already exists on the train must be avoided as running into it will result in instant death for your space-can (paint can gone space ship?).

There are some great visual effects in Underground. The 3D of the subway station and the effects of time-lapse people getting on and off the subway is cool. The graffiti art is well done too, if you like that type of thing. Controls are also pretty well implemented. To control your space ship you use the accelerometer in the device. So tilting up or down will raise or lower your ship on the screen. Also, tilting side to side will cause him to fly forward or backwards.

Your space ship keeps firing and once in a while you can pickup a power-up that will change the firing pattern to be more effective. However, your shots are just dots. Nothing really exciting. In fact, this is our major issue with this game, it’s just not that exciting. We expected a lot more from Chillingo so after some time with Underground we have to say the game left us a little bit disappointed this time around.

If you love scrolling shooters then you may also like Underground. However, just know that game play is slower than other similar style games. InkVaders is a far superior scrolling shooter, in our opinion, than Underground. So if you haven’t already purchased InkVaders than we suggest you look there first before buying Underground.  Underground has a great start but the game feels like it’s unfinished and lacking more detail and excitement during play time.  I believe the game can be another great scrolling shooter, but not without some enhancements.

What we liked: Controls are appropriate for the game, well done.  Level transition visual effects are also well done. The theme of the game works.

What we didn’t like: Game play is slow, almost boring sometimes. Lack of graphical interest in the actual game play. Lack of appeal that would keep you coming back to play.  Too expensive for what you get.


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