AstroRaider by Clever Martian

by Rob   on September 28, 2009
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AstroRaider features:

- 8 mind blowing levels!
- Replay completed levels.
- Replay the whole game from scratch.
- 3 types of enemy alien attack ships.
- 8 power levels for the blaster cannon with a “double-shot” at power
level 5.
- 3 special weapons upgrades. EM Pulse every 2000 points, Super Shield
every 5000 points, and the Nuke every 10000 points.
- Flip the controls for right or left handed play.
- Awesome rock soundtrack that makes your playing experience even more

AstroRaider description:

AstroRaider is not your daddy’s shooter.

That is unless he likes fast paced action, flying around in space,
shooting asteroids and aliens, and surviving death rays from a nearly
impossible to defeat queen mother ship.

The only question is, are you up to the challenge?

In AstroRaider you have to navigate your way through outer space and try
to complete each of the eight levels. Each level gets more difficult as
you go, with tougher aliens and more asteroids coming at you. To
complete each level, you have to defeat all of the queens and open the
warp gate. But be careful, a queen packs quite a punch, dishing out
devastating damage with each attack.

The attacking aliens include:

Nemesis: Small but fast creatures whose purpose is to take you out.
You will find these guys on each level, but don’t take them too lightly,
they keep coming back for a fight.

Talons: These creatures appear starting on level 3 and make your job of
defeating the queen even more problematic. They have a bit of a temper
and to make things worse, they are already mad at you.

Gorgons: Coming to take you out at level 5, Gorgons make life miserable
and make it very difficult to get around in each level. Their
omnidirectional cannon is hard to evade.

With everything else coming at you, the asteroids on each level aren’t
sitting quietly either. They are a part of the attack, launching
projectiles at you and causing damage with each hit.

Shoot the asteroids to release the power crystals that add to your score
and restore your ship’s health. You can completely destroy an asteroid
to earn extra points. If you destroy all the asteroids on a level you
will get bonus points for each one you destroyed.

As you progress through AstroRaider you will notice weapon upgrades that
help you along the way! The first of them is the blaster power level.
Each blaster power level comes with an even greater attack in your
pocket, including a “double-shot” at power level 5!

Think that is enough? Neither did we, you get three other special
weapon upgrades to give you an even more powerful arsenal. The EM Pulse
every 2000 points, the Super Shield every 5000 points, and the all
powerful Nuke every 10000 points earned. You can’t survive long without
these special weapons.

AstroRaider YouTube video:

Developer Website:

10491 startup screen q AstroRaider by Clever Martian10491 10. Screenshot q AstroRaider by Clever Martian


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