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by Rob   on September 2, 2009
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Playing Brain Gear needs quick reflex, great attention and high analytical ability.
You will be showed many simple pictures (one after another) containing an English letter and a number between 1 – 9. All you have to do is to answer yes/no to the simple questions “Is the letter vowel?” and “Is the number even?” Sounds too easy, huh? Well, when you start playing, you won’t believe how difficult these simple decisions are. But that is for ordinary people. For you, with a great brain, it should be a piece of cake. Or just not.

You will be given 1 minute time. The quicker you answer, the more questions you can answer in this 1 minute, and gather more points.

Cool UI, groovy sound and smooth game play makes it very interesting, challenging and complete fun.

Puzzle game. Brain game.
Supported Platforms
Protangle is compatible with all OS versions from 2.1 and over in iPhone® and iPod touch®.
Is It For You?
If it does not matter to you how sharp your brain really is, it is up to you.
But if you want to work your brain real hard and improve your thinking reflex, this game is perfect for you.

You have to think quickly, really quickly in order to post a good score. Also, as you progress through the game, it will demand a lot from your attention and memory.

The best part is, after playing the game for few days, you will make better scores and you will literally feel that your thinking reflex has become a lot better.

Brain Gear is a 1 minute game.
The following two questions will be present at the screen:

Is the number even?
Is the letter vowel?
There will be a box beside each question. At any time, only one of the boxes will show you a number and a letter. You have to choose “Yes” or “No” to the question beside the active box. After choosing, you will be showed the next problem as long as the 1 minute has not run out.

For answering correctly for consecutive problems, you will be given bonus points. However, the game will start being more difficult as you are make many consecutive correct choices. The first difficulty will test your attention: One question will disappear and you will still have to answer that question. How? You just have to remember what the question was before it had disappeared.

If you can overcome this difficulty and continue answering correctly, points as well as the difficulty will increase. Then, another question will disappear (now there will be no questions, only problems in respective boxes) and you have continue answering. How? You just have to remember what the question was beside each box, and answer accordingly.

A twist: In the Hard Mode, questions will swap places before disappearing.

In a nutshell, the more you answer correctly, the more difficult the game becomes, and the more points you earn for correct answers. Only fair, isn’t it?

Game Modes
There are two modes: the Easy Mode and the Hard Mode.
Easy Mode
After 5 consecutive correct answers, one of the two questions will vanish. You must remember it to answer it correctly. Answering to a question without seeing it will earn extra points.
Another 5 consecutive correct answers (with one question vanished), both the questions will vanish. Answering correctly in this state will earn more extra points.

Continuous correct answers will bring extra points. A wrong answer will lead the game to its initial state.

Hard Mode
Hard Mode is like the Easy Mode, except that it is more difficult. In this Mode, sometimes the questions will swap place. Also, after you have answered at least 15 consecutive correct answers, every three correct answer will give you 5 seconds time bonus.
Like Easy Mode, continuous correct answers will bring extra points. A wrong answer will lead the game to its initial state.

Levels And Stages
There are no specifc levels or stages. The games become more difficult as you do better.
Scoring Policy
Correct Answer: New score = Current score + 20 + ( number of consecutive correct answers * 10)
Incorrect Answer: New score = Current score – 20

Global Leader Board
In leader board, you can submit your score to see your rank among all players in the world. Also, it will display the top 10 users with their scores.
Feedback, Tell-A-Friend, Notification Service
You can send feedback, report bug or send suggestion using Send Feedback option. A dedicated support team is there to respond to those requests. Also, you can recommend the game to your friends using Tell-A-Friend. feature. You can also subscribe to the newsletter to get updates of BrainGear and information about newly released applications and games from us.

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