Detailed App Review: Madden NFL 10 by EA Sports

by Rob   on September 11, 2009
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Madden NFL 10 by EA Sports for iPhone is here! For those of you that have loved and enjoyed the Madden franchise over the past 20 years, your time has now come to enjoy this superb game on your iPhone.  Madden NFL 10 is complete with full teams and rosters from the NFL and all of the Madden animations, snyde comments and excellent graphics, it’s all here.  We’ve been playing Madden here at for a couple of days now and so far it has not dissappointed.One of the biggest concerns I had in playing Madden on my iPhone was it’s playability.  So I went into this review a little aprehensive on whether EA Sports could deliver a truley playable Madden experience on a mobile device.  After playing for an hour or two I can tell you that the game experience is excellent.

When you first launch Madden you are prompted to select your favorite team, setup your season and choose home and away teams for your first game.  Once you do that the first game begins.  Coin toss occurs, if you win you chose to receive or not.  Depending on your selection you pick your play and you’re in the game. madden20105 300x200 Detailed App Review: Madden NFL 10 by EA Sports On each down you select your play from a vast selection of both offensive and defensive plays.  For offensive you have four types of plays (blitz, short pass, long pass and special) and each of them has more plays to choose from than I cared to count.  Now it’s time to put your play into action.

madden201019 300x200 Detailed App Review: Madden NFL 10 by EA Sportsmadden201016 300x200 Detailed App Review: Madden NFL 10 by EA Sports(Offensive play selection on left, defensive on right)

As with other gaming consoles, you select the player on the field that you want to control, the rest are moved for you. Controls are well implemented with a virtual pad joystick (you can change the side it’s on in ‘Options’ for you lefties) and various buttons.  One button slows your time and allows you to be more detailed in your control, so that you can make that perfect ’sack’ or ‘catch.’ However, this button is only enabled during play.  You also have a video camera you can enable to capture that perfect play and watch it later. madden201025 300x200 Detailed App Review: Madden NFL 10 by EA Sports If you’re in defensive mode the screen still displays from the aerial / quarterback view.  So rather than facing the opponent team, you’re now facing your team and looking over your opponent. madden201027 300x200 Detailed App Review: Madden NFL 10 by EA Sports When it’s time to kick (FG attempt, punt etc) you are given the following (similar) screen and controls. You can aim your kick and height by moving the arrow. Kicking is done by sliding your finger down and then back up on the control on the right (shown below). The further down the more power, the straighter the line, the more accurate the kick. madden2010c3 300x200 Detailed App Review: Madden NFL 10 by EA Sports

If you’ve selected a pass play, during execution you control where the pass goes by touching a player to pass to.  Open receivers have an icon that changes color depending on how open they are (green is more open than red).  However, passing to a “green” player in no way guarantees that the ball will not be blocked or struck down by the other team.

During play, if you want to change players, simply touch the player on the screen that you’d like to control. You can also skip the celebration animations and other typical Madden “fluff” by simply touching the screen.  This keeps the game moving along quickly.  There are four quarters and two halves that divide the game play.  You also have timeouts you can use.  The game is written for a mobile device so if you need to you may simply exit the game and your spot will be saved.

We ran into a few bugs while playing. On one pass play, when the play was finished, the screen was saying “Intercepted” however the announcer was saying completed but the ball was laying on the ground (it was actually an incomplete pass).  I also noticed players walking through each other… oops… and other programming issues here and there.  I’ll stress however, that these were not all that common and never interfered with game play.  I would assume that a future update would resolve some of these issues (we’ve heard that multiplayer game play is coming in an update).


We’ve enjoyed our time with Madden NFL 2010 by EA Sports.  The game is a superb mobile port of the console game and EA has done a great job in making it playable and workable on a tiny screen / device.  If you’re a football fan or even just a Madden fan then this game will not disappoint.

What we liked:  Excellent gameplay experience, enough to keep you coming back all season. A lot of customization options, including player trades. More plays to choose from than you’d likely use.  Excellent graphics and fun animations typical of the Madden franchise.

What we didn’t Like:  Occasional bugs in the game that should have been cleaned up already.  Controls take some getting used to at first, so be patient and be sure to read the instructions under the help menu.


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