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by Rob   on September 22, 2009
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Golden Ball is a grid based color matching game with shinny graphics, groovy sound and smooth game play. Balls of different colors keep appearing on to the board, and you have to place 3 to 5 balls of same color in a column or a row to vanish them from the board.
Puzzle game. Board game. Ball game.
Supported Platforms
Golden Ball is compatible with all OS versions from 2.1 and over in iPhone® and iPod touch®.
Is It For You?
Although we all have eyes, some can sense colors quickly than others.
Playing Golden Ball will help you develop your color reflexes and other attributes of brain, such as visual field and quick thinking. If you play Golden Ball for several days, you will feel that your sense of colors is improving and that you are getting better in quick thinking.

Matching colored balls is the main challenge of Golden Ball. If at least three balls are placed together in a row or in a column, it is a match.
In total, there are nine shiny colors, and sometimes it feels difficult to quickly tell one from the other.

Initially, three balls of the same color are placed randomly on the board. At the top of the board, you can see the balls that are going to enter the board when you make a move.

You can move a ball to an empty place by first tapping it, and then tapping the empty place. Purpose of this move is to bring same-colored balls together. Well, there is a rule: there must be an open route from the beginning to the end point of the move.

If you succeed to bring three, four, or five balls together side by side or make a stack of them, you make a match: the balls go away and you get some points.

When you complete a move, three more balls come down to the board.

Game modes
There are two modes: the Classic Mode and the Challenge Mode.
Classic Mode vs Challenge Mode
In Classic Mode, you will play as long as it is possible to move a ball (new balls keep filling the board, making it gradually difficult to make a move). The more balls you vanish at a time, the more points you get. This Mode is actually for practicing for Challenge Mode.
In Challenge Mode, you will have a certain target to accomplish in each level. The challenge is to grab certain score within a limited time. Passing a challenge opens up the next level. The higher the level, the harder the challenge.

Levels And Stages
In Classic Mode there is no level and no stage. In Challenge Mode, there are 7 Stages and each stage have four levels; all in all 28 levels to complete the game. Target of the initial level is to match 2 sets. Afterwards 1 more set is added to the target with the increment of level. For example, in level 2 you have to match 3 sets and in level 3 you have to match 4 sets; however in you will have to do it in the same time which is fixed for a stage.
The initial stage has 40 seconds of time. Afterwards you will get 40 seconds more with the advance in each next stage.

How To Score
Matching a set of 3 balls = 300 points.
Matching a set of 4 ball = 800 points.
Mathcing a set of 5 balls = 1500 points.
In Challenge Mode you will get time bonus which is calculated as the following:
Time Bonus = (Time Saved * Level Number * 5 Points)
Global Leader Board
In leader board, you can submit your score to see your rank among all players in the world. Also, it will display the top 10 users with their scores.
Other Options (Send Feedback, Tell A Friend, Newsletter)
You can send feedback, report bug or send suggestion using Send Feedback option. A dedicated support team is there to respond to those requests. Also, you can recommend the game to your friends using Tell-A-Friend. feature. You can also subscribe to the newsletter to get updates of Golden Ball and information about newly released applications and games from us.

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